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 By Crying Wind    Viewpoint 

Crying Wind

When I was young, I spent many years volunteering at a Navajo Indian Mission in New Mexico. It was one of the happiest and most rewarding times of my life. At times it was also... — Updated 12/8/2020

 By Becky Kew    Viewpoint 

Cheating Death

Have you ever had a close call with disaster? I mean, so close that you could have died? Maybe the situation happened so fast that you didn't even have time to blink, but you knew... — Updated 12/8/2020

 By Parry Stelter    Viewpoint 

Healing the Heart Through Being Event Oriented

I have come to realize over the years that we Indigenous people are historically event-oriented people, rather than time-oriented people. Our worldview is for the most part the... — Updated 12/8/2020

 By Sue Carlisle    Viewpoint 

Loving Laminin

To avoid my ho-hum attitude associated with taking earth and its marvels for granted, I try pretending. What if I lived in a distant galaxy and came to visit earth for the first... — Updated 12/8/2020

 By Phil Callaway    Viewpoint 

Laugh Again

"There's darkness down there," our four-year-old granddaughter whispered as she peered down the stairs. She was right. Bright spots on planet earth seem scarce these days. I love ch... — Updated 12/8/2020

 By Adrian Torres    Viewpoint 

The Zoo Cage Prophet

"Two For the Price of One" is always an attention-grabbing offer. It's hard to ignore getting seconds free, just because you wanted firsts. "Two-for-One" works well for retail, but not for reflections in a mirror. Here in prison, I... — Updated 12/8/2020

 By Kene Jackson    Viewpoint 

Rock Chips

The windshield was cracked. Not just a hairline fracture but a spiderweb that had the potential to make Spider-Man sit up and take notice! So I got it changed. Such a... — Updated 12/8/2020


Phil's Rules for Life

We had plenty of rules when I was growing up. No throwing cheese into the ceiling fan. Stop pouring ketchup on your pancakes. Obey your parents, that it may go well with you and... — Updated 10/14/2020


Healing Through Awareness

Many times I have heard non-Indigenous people say that they wish Indigenous people would "just get over it." Just get over all this talk about residential schools and financial... — Updated 10/14/2020

 By Sue Carlisle    Viewpoint

The Life in Spice

In my last article, I began a new series about God's miracles that are all around us. I still think about that thin atmospheric line protecting us from the cold blackness of outer s... — Updated 10/14/2020

 By Becky Kew    Viewpoint

Is Anything Sure?

I don't know about you, but I am finding that we are living in a day and an age that is full of inconsistent information! Everybody is sure of something but nobody's stories seem... — Updated 10/14/2020

 By Crying Wind    Viewpoint

How Are You?

I saw my neighbor, Rose, walking to her mailbox and hurried to catch up with her. Rose and I were "friendly" but not "friends." We didn't visit each other but we'd talk a few minute... — Updated 10/14/2020

 By Kene Jackson    Viewpoint

Editorial Viewpoint

It was early September, and as the first green tree morphed to yellow, the thought came to me, "Here we go again-pretty soon the snow'll be flying!" In Cree we'd say Kiiyipa wii... — Updated 10/13/2020

 By Becky Kew    Viewpoint

One Sheep Matters

The Bible portrays so many pictures of the Lord Jesus being the caring, compassionate shepherd of His sheep. He is the Good Shepherd who will look for a wandering sheep and bring... — Updated 8/6/2020

 By Sue Carlisle    Viewpoint

God's Life Line

My favorite mystery ended, and the screensaver satellite image of earth began. I felt too awake to go to bed so I sat, fascinated with watching the picture. I focused on the ribbon... — Updated 8/6/2020


Laugh Again

School. Do we really need it? English? We already speak it. Math? We have calculators. History? Those people are gone. Physical education? We have the great outdoors. Spanish? We... — Updated 8/6/2020 Full story

 By Crying Wind    Viewpoint

Make a List

I make a lot of lists to remind myself of things I need to do. I make grocery lists and more often than not I leave them on my kitchen table. I go to the store without them and... — Updated 8/6/2020


An Open Door for Positive Influence

I remember Chris, a divorced single mom who'd recently lost her IT job. She was struggling to find her way in life, as well as to make a living for herself and her daughter. She... — Updated 8/6/2020


Healing the Heart Through Ultimate Authority

I was part of the Sixties Scoop generation and so although I am Indigenous, I grew up in a different world, compared to my relatives on the reserve. Growing up in the city, we used... — Updated 6/15/2020


The Council Speaks

 — Updated 6/15/2020


The Zoo Cage Prophet

It happened twice, two days in a row. Both times I was forgotten. Time moved, but I didn't. I was left alone, cuffed, in a stand-up-only cage. I love business. I truly enjoy the... — Updated 6/15/2020

 By Crying Wind    Viewpoint

What's Your Name?

I have a very bad habit of living in the past; remembering when my children were little, which was the happiest time of my life. I wish I could turn the clock back and live those... — Updated 6/15/2020


Laugh Again

Tabloids do their best to start rumours. Here are a few headlines I'm not making up: "Farmer shoots 23-pound grasshopper." "Man's 174 MPH Sneeze Blows Wife's Hair Off." "Satan's... — Updated 6/15/2020

 By Sue Carlisle    Viewpoint

The Creator's Victory

I want to conclude my series based on my book, Walking with the Creator, with thoughts from the final lesson, The Creator's Victory. The beguiling serpent offered Eve some... — Updated 6/15/2020



I was meditating the other day on the concept of gratefulness-a close cousin to the concept of thankfulness. Both have the common denominator of appreciation. It was just a few... — Updated 6/12/2020


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