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Bad exchange/Good exchange

As a Canadian, I like to take trips across the border into the United States. A change in scenery or climate and the variety in shopping is always refreshing. The only draw back is... — Updated 11/4/2019

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

Can You Forgive Yourself?

Some people carry very heavy burdens. At some time in life, every person is haunted by deeds done and words said that were later regretted a thousand times over. Often, people beat... — Updated 8/20/2019

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

Do You Carry Baggage?

Have you ever been to an airport and watched people with their luggage? They are weighed down and some really struggle-pushing carts with four or five pieces piled up or pulling... — Updated 4/5/2019

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The Powerful Reminder

A friend of mine came into a drop-in center the other day waving an item in her arm and announcing that the new phone books were in. At that moment, another friend was reminded of... — Updated 2/1/2019

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

Slave or Free?

Is there something that calls your name? Relentless and seeming sweet, it will cast no blame. It lures and pushes our buttons inside; when we run to it, it seems like a good place... — Updated 11/24/2018

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

Are you Locked In?

On 2012 Mike Dils suffered a terrible stroke that left him on a ventilator, unable to move, breathe or speak on his own. He was totally paralyzed. Mike's family was told by the doct... — Updated 9/10/2018

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

The Miracle of Tears

Tears are real. They happen every day all around the world. Tears protect us from an infection and they lubricate our eyes. Humans are the only ones who can shed tears as a result... — Updated 7/17/2018

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

Power problems

In March, I took a little drive to have a refreshing break. On a ten-hour trip, my truck began to act up. I kept losing power! It was quite concerning, and left me feeling helpless... — Updated 5/21/2018

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

Pizza folly and the Gospel

Canadian news featured a story in February about a Domino's pizza delivery man. While he was in an elevator, taking an order of pizza for the purchasers' enjoyment, he apparently... — Updated 3/16/2018

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

A New Year Can Bring New Things!

Once again we find ourselves in a new year! It’s amazing to think that we are living approximately 2018 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s Son! God... — Updated 1/4/2018

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

Earthquakes in December

In December, 2001, I was in a 7.6 earthquake in El Salvador. Many people died all around me. Thankfully; I was not inside a building but was outside in the country and did not have... — Updated 11/16/2017

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

Passport Plight

My Canadian passport expired in July of this year. I picked up a form to reapply and hurriedly sat down to fill out the necessary information. I was about to fold the application... — Updated 10/5/2017

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

A Furry Savior

I was walking my dog Rd on a gorgeous afternoon. My neighbor was outside doing some yard work, so Rd and I crossed the road to say hi. As we were visiting, Rd stretched out the leas... — Updated 7/15/2017

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

Guilty as charged!

It was very good to be off Good Friday and Easter Monday so I hit the road to visit my family in a neighboring province. Two hours into my trip, I saw flashing lights coming at me... — Updated 5/12/2017

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

White as Snow

Weather experts in Manitoba told us that we just had the snowiest December in a century. When the snowstorms passed, there was a beautiful array of winter scenery everywhere we... — Updated 1/9/2017

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

To will or not to will

Have you ever thought about your will? I am not talking about the document which states your wishes concerning your estate after you leave this world. What I mean is the will to... — Updated 11/14/2016

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

A new life and a new world

After visiting the Ark Encounter in Kentucky with some youth from Sandy Bay First Nation, I was mesmerized with thoughts concerning Noah and his family. What must it have been like... — Updated 9/9/2016

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

Gun Control or Heart Control?

Sadly, mass shootings have become a regular occurrence in our world today. We have people lobbying for gun control and Government leaders promising to offer solutions to prevent... — Updated 7/19/2016

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

Drifting away or sailing home?

The other day I heard an interesting story on the radio. A father and his son were sailing a homemade boat that they had worked diligently on together. The boat managed to drift... — Updated 5/14/2016

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

Lessons from that hole in the wall

The church I attend had extensive renovations done to make the surroundings functional and inviting. We have a small central stage where a speaker shares God's Word from behind a... — Updated 3/23/2016

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

Do you ever wonder why?

A few days ago, I was watching a video of a beautiful horse named Daisy. She had somehow fallen in a well. Her back legs were trapped and the only thing sticking out of the well was... — Updated 1/17/2016

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

True prayer

Have you ever listened to people pray on TV or maybe even at church? Sometimes the prayer is all about asking God to give them what they want to make them happy or “blessed”.... — Updated 11/14/2015

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

God doesn't leave anyone out

Prejudices and racism seem to abound in our world today. Unity and peace are lacking from a worldwide perspective and within our own communities. If we are really honest we would... — Updated 8/1/2015

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives

Soaring like an eagle

Recently I have had the joy of witnessing a couple of eagles flying in the air. There is something so majestic and wondrous about these amazing birds. Their strength and “eagle... — Updated 5/12/2015


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