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  • Directors' Corner

    Todd and Krystal Wawryzniak, ILM director team|Updated May 13, 2024

    When I was walking into our local grocery store the other day, a man was approaching the entrance from the opposite direction. Seeing him look towards the parking lot, I did the same. A woman had parked in the handicapped parking stall and was exiting her vehicle. Thinking nothing of it, I looked away and continued into the store. The man however, must have thought something different, because he said, "She sure doesn't look like she needs to park there!" I wasn't sure I heard...

  • New Seasons in ILM

    Todd and Krystal Wawryzniak, ILM director team|Updated Mar 26, 2024

    Spring is in the air in our little home community in central Alberta. Snow is melting, and everywhere you look, signs of seasons past have left their mark. Roads are filled with the leftover signs of snow-gravel. Brown grass is now exposing the "sleep" of winter, just waiting for spring showers and signs of new life-green grass and leafy buds on trees. Children are anxious to get out their bikes and are willing to do so, donning gloves to protect their fingers against the...

  • Directors' Corner

    Todd and Krystal Wawryzniak, ILM director team|Updated Jan 22, 2024

    I went for a massage one week before Christmas. What I thought would be an hour of relaxation turned into an hour of experiencing the sharpest fingers I had ever felt. OK, his fingers weren't literally sharp, but if you've ever gone for a deep tissue massage, you know how "sharp" those fingers can be. The masseur said he felt some tense muscles in my hip and said he could get rid of those knots if I allowed him to "get in there" and work them out. I agreed and spent the next 4...

  • Directors' Corner

    Todd and Krystal Wawryzniak, ILM director team|Updated Dec 1, 2023

    We were so honored that so many dear friends joined us for Indian Life Ministries' annual fundraising banquet, as you've already read about in this newspaper. At the banquet, we gave a ministry report for 2023 that we'd like to share with our readers. This has been an exciting year for Indian Life Ministries. This past year, ILM enrolled 25 Indigenous believers in Emmaus correspondence discipleship courses, welcomed two new prison letter writers, sent out 72,000 copies of...

  • A Way Through the Pain

    Todd and Krystal Wawryzniak, ILM director team|Updated Sep 15, 2023

    From July 17 to 21, Todd and Krystal, the ILM director team, had planned to travel some distance to help facilitate a Vacation Bible School. Two weeks before the event both Todd and Krystal started to feel unsettled about attending. This feeling didn't make sense, though. Details were solidified. The event had been advertised locally. A team of volunteers had booked the time to attend. And most importantly, the children knew they were coming. So why, two weeks prior to the...

  • What's up with ILM?

    Todd and Krystal Wawryzniak|Updated Jul 14, 2023

    Todd and Krystal, our director team, are looking forward to helping facilitate the Bighorn Vacation Bible School (VBS) in Bighorn, Alb., July 17–21. The theme is "Jesus is the Greatest Chief!" Two dedicated believers, Wacey and Violet, have graciously opened their land for the event in the Bighorn Community, and a leader named Tyson will teach the children. We are so excited to assist in this outreach! When we are able to reach children of a family for Jesus, this often l...

  • New Devotional Project in the Works

    Todd and Krystal Wawryzniak, ILM director team|Updated Jul 14, 2023

    If you haven't heard the news yet, we're excited to announce that we at Indian Life we are working on putting together a 365-day devotional! The devotional will be split into three volumes to make it more accessible. It will include submissions from 42 indigenous followers of Jesus, who are from 15 indigenous nations, 30 indigenous communities, 8 provinces and 4 states! Can you believe it! Wow! We are so excited! We ask for prayer regarding the development of this devotional....

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