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Buried treasure

A pirate captain set out to retrieve a treasure chest he had buried, full of gold and silver-the booty he had plundered. It was hidden deep in a swamp at the center of the island.... — Updated 3/26/2024


One Word Sermon

I don't encourage graffiti-painting buildings without being employed to do so. But there is some funny graffiti out there. A huge billboard says, "This year thousands of men will... — Updated 1/22/2024


Science of a Smile

How is your smile? I've been reading about the benefits of a good one. And the riches of turning a frown upside down. Apparently it takes 22 of our 42 facial muscles to smile and 37... — Updated 12/1/2023


Mythbusters and Heaven

I'm at the age where I think about the hereafter more than ever. I arrive at the fridge and wonder what I'm hereafter. Seriously, heaven is looking sweeter all the time, partly... — Updated 9/15/2023


Giraffic Park

Kids help me laugh. My grandson said, "Grandpa, you're bald. You look extinguished." Animals help me laugh, too. If you've seen a naked mole rat or a hairless cat, you know God has... — Updated 7/14/2023


Ferrets and other pain

I don't know about you, but I've never really liked pain. In ninth grade I weighed a whopping eighty-one pounds if I was carrying a suitcase so I decided to beef up by gorging... — Updated 5/17/2023


Worst apologies ever

I was picking out a Valentine's card for my wife. One section read, "Apology Cards." I was curious. Flipping through them, I found mostly excuses. "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking."... — Updated 3/20/2023


Out With the Old or New Year, New Words

It's a new year. That time when my dentist says, "Out with the old teeth; in with the new." That time when we leave some things behind. In January 1973, I left trumpet lessons... — Updated 1/27/2023


Attack of the Slippery Tomatoes

Recently a California delivery truck spilled 150,000 tomatoes across Interstate 80. To help us ketchup on this juicy story, news crews reported that the truck hit a central divider... — Updated 11/28/2022


Turtle Disaster?

I love statistics. Here are a few I came up with myself: Somewhere out there a woman will give birth to a baby every quarter of a second. I say we need to find that woman and stop h... — Updated 9/30/2022


The Good Report

If you could use a little good news today, here are a few stories to cheer you up. We begin in Rio Linda, California, where last December a man dressed as Santa was in for a shock.... — Updated 8/5/2022


Phony baloney

I love the English language. But if you're trying to learn it, it will confuse the life out of you. A good twist of phrase. A play on words. Here are a few alternative definitions... — Updated 6/23/2022


Fear Factor

What scares you? I fear having a heart attack while playing the game Charades. And public speaking. I fear heights. I get woozy on a stepladder, or looking down a staircase, or when... — Updated 6/23/2022


The 3 Little Pigs

I am an extremely young grandpa, still able to outrun and outjump thirteen grandkids. It helps that they are seven and under. When they're worn out from trying to catch me, they... — Updated 3/28/2022


Of Stereos and Heaven

When my aging parents lived in our granny suite, they bought a new stereo because they could no longer hear the old one. The old one was an attractive little unit, complete with... — Updated 11/22/2021


Finding Rock Bottom

I am an extremely young grandpa. I'm still able to outrun and outjump the grandkids. It helps that they are five and under. When they're worn out from trying to catch me, they say,... — Updated 10/4/2021


Put it on

A kid of nine or ten came up to me and told me a joke: "I went to buy some camouflage clothing. But I couldn't find any." It took me a second or two, but finally I laughed. Here's... — Updated 9/2/2021


All in the family

I asked my 4-year-old grandson for the highlight of his day. He said, "Growing tobacco." Where he heard this, I'll never know. Here are other unfiltered thoughts from children:... — Updated 6/7/2021


Mr. Flynn's Horrible, No Good Day

When I'm having a bad day, I'm glad I'm not alone. At the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge England, a loose shoelace, a lack of handrails and a marble wall conspired to give one... — Updated 3/27/2021


Laugh Again

5 is finally here. Most of us would agree that it couldn't come fast enough. 2020 felt like our mothers gave us a gigantic Time Out. Each morning I woke up to find my wife waitin... — Updated 2/2/2021


Laugh Again

"There's darkness down there," our four-year-old granddaughter whispered as she peered down the stairs. She was right. Bright spots on planet earth seem scarce these days. I love ch... — Updated 12/8/2020


Phil's Rules for Life

We had plenty of rules when I was growing up. No throwing cheese into the ceiling fan. Stop pouring ketchup on your pancakes. Obey your parents, that it may go well with you and... — Updated 10/14/2020


Laugh Again

School. Do we really need it? English? We already speak it. Math? We have calculators. History? Those people are gone. Physical education? We have the great outdoors. Spanish? We... — Updated 8/6/2020


Laugh Again

Tabloids do their best to start rumours. Here are a few headlines I'm not making up: "Farmer shoots 23-pound grasshopper." "Man's 174 MPH Sneeze Blows Wife's Hair Off." "Satan's... — Updated 6/15/2020


Laugh Again

A little boy asked a friend, "How do you spell mousetrap? The friend said, "C-A-T." How is your spelling? Winnie the Pooh said, "My spelling is wobbly; it's good spelling but it... — Updated 4/7/2020


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