Nisga'a Nation prepares to purchase natural gas pipeline project

CALGARY, Alb.—The Nisga'a Nation in northwestern British Columbia is partnering with a Texas-based firm, Western LNG, to buy the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission project from... — Updated 3/26/2024

Federal regulators deny permits for hydropower projects on Navajo Nation

Navajo Nation-Federal energy officials took the unusual step of denying permits Thursday to several pumped hydropower projects proposed on the Navajo Nation, citing a new policy... — Updated 3/26/2024

Ajo Center for Sustainable Agriculture teaches next generation farmers sustainable practices

AJO, Ariz-Jesse Garcia was first introduced to farming in his grandmother's garden. As a child, he recalls not quite understanding the true purpose of growing and how important it... — Updated 3/26/2024

Native nations with scarce internet are building their own broadband networks

On the Hopi Reservation's more than 1.5 million acres of desert landscape in northeast Arizona, many residents live in villages atop arid mesas. Below ground, there's a network of... — Updated 3/26/2024

Tribes to receive $105M in SSBCI funding

WASHINGTON, D.C.-At the recent Reservation Economic Summit, Janet Yellen, of The United States Treasury, announced a new, third round of approvals for tribal support under the... — Updated 3/26/2024

Arizona festival showcases authentic Indigenous art

SCOTTSDALE—The bustling Arizona Indian Festival showcases Native singing, dancing and art to promote tourism and awareness of Arizona's tribal communities. Visitors can learn... — Updated 3/26/2024

ILM co-hosts Indigenous Couples' Retreat

On March 1–3, 2024, Indian Life Ministries partnered with Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and FamilyLife Canada to co-host an Indigenous Couples' Retreat at the... — Updated 3/26/2024

Faux Indigenous asking for special privileges in court

Prince Rupert, B.C.-Tne Prince Rupert, B.C. court system recently encountered a new defense tactic. A man was being prosecuted for creating child pornography and sending graphic... — Updated 3/26/2024


Seeking to help restore hope, healing, and honor among the Indigenous people of North America takes many ministries working together . . . the task is vast, but we at Indian Life... — Updated 3/26/2024

What a busy couple of months it's been at Indian Life Ministries!

As we mentioned in the directors’ column, ILM moved to a new physical office this month! We are very excited about this as for the last three years, our director team, Krystal and Todd Wawrzyniak have been running the office... — Updated 3/26/2024

Danielle Palomino

On May 6, 1946, the Church of the Indian Fellowship (CIF) was organized in Washington State's Puyallup (People of the Clear Salt Water) Reservation as a Presbyterian mission... — Updated 3/26/2024

From Abuse to a Forever Family

I'm from the Mohawk tribe, my dad is from the Mohawk tribe. I came from Maine originally. I was born on February 13, 1939. In the spring of that year, my grandmother came downstate... — Updated 3/26/2024

Letters from Our Readers

I read your pamphlet and would like to say thank you for your benevolent and gregarious work by reaching out to people in need. There are a lot of souls still suffering and in need... — Updated 3/26/2024


The tree in front of our house appears dark and bare against a gray sky. It looks dead; yet by the time you read this it will be full of pink blossoms. The dry, brown grass will... — Updated 3/26/2024

The Hall of Fame and the Hall of Faith

During the month of January, I spent four days at a Dakota Nation Winterfest celebration at Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. This event is one of the largest Indigenous sport and... — Updated 3/26/2024

Healing the Heart Through "Really Listening"

As I've been conducting my duties as Chaplain at the Salvation Army in Edmonton, Alberta at the Edmonton Centre of Hope, I've been learning more and more about myself and others.... — Updated 3/26/2024

The Council Speaks

Question I'm a new believer but I'm the only one in my community. I know I need the encouragement from other believers, but it's really hard to get out and get that fellowship. Any... — Updated 3/26/2024

New Seasons in ILM

Spring is in the air in our little home community in central Alberta. Snow is melting, and everywhere you look, signs of seasons past have left their mark. Roads are filled with... — Updated 3/26/2024

Buried treasure

A pirate captain set out to retrieve a treasure chest he had buried, full of gold and silver-the booty he had plundered. It was hidden deep in a swamp at the center of the island.... — Updated 3/26/2024

A Time to Laugh

It was such a sad day. Our beloved choir leader had died suddenly from a heart attack and now the church was packed with church members, family and friends for his funeral and to... — Updated 3/26/2024

An Act Of God

Mom told me a story once about T. Texas Tyler, an alcoholic country and western singer who became a believer back in 1958 (before my time). As his music morphed to country gospel,... — Updated 3/26/2024


It was light, but it was there. For the last three mornings, I've been waking up with a headache right behind my eyes. The cause was no mystery. I'd been working on removing it,... — Updated 3/26/2024

Vending machines used to dispense Indigenous books

Mississauga, Ont.-Move over, snacks and sodas, there's a new vending machine in town! And it's serving up Indigenous specials for First Nations kids and others! Some schools and... — Updated 3/26/2024

Love at first flight

Saskatoon, Sask.-One Cote First Nations young woman in Saskatoon has soared to new heights-literally. Twenty-year-old Natasha Moar is not only a pilot, but a flight instructor for... — Updated 3/26/2024

Wild Rice Burgers

Want to lighten up those burgers while helping to keep them moist and delicious? If so, definitely give this recipe a shot. Some restaurants use a very similar version to help meat... — Updated 3/26/2024

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