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Thousands of Native Americans Attend Long Awaited Veteran's Memorial Dedication

WASHINGTON, D.C.-More than two years after its opening, the Native American Veteran's Memorial in the nation's capital was finally dedicated in mid November, in a ceremony lasting... — Updated 11/28/2022

What's Up with ILM?

The Gift of Reconciliation" conference, hosted by ILM, is happening December 16–18! Starting on Friday evening, we will enjoy fellowship, food, teaching by Mario Swampy, and... — Updated 11/28/2022

Inuit population shifting

OTTAWA, Ont.-More Inuit live in southern Canada and more of these Inuit are living in urban centres, said a Statistics Canada survey on Indigenous population growth in Canada. In... — Updated 11/28/2022

First Native American woman breaks space barriers

HOUSTON, Tex.-Recently the Dragon Endurance spacecraft, built by SpaceX, launched a voyage to the International Space Station. The flight made history because one of the... — Updated 11/28/2022

First Nation solar project commissioned

REGINA, Sask.-In November, a First Nation solar project was commissioned on Cowesses First Nation land about three kilometers southeast of Regina. The solar project was developed... — Updated 11/28/2022

ILM hosts ''The Gift of Reconciliation'' conference

Chestermere, Man.—Back by popular demand, Indian Life Ministries will host “The Gift of Reconciliarion” on December 16–18 at Camp Chestermere, west of Calgary, Alb. Beginning on Friday evening and ending on Sunday... — Updated 11/28/2022

Tribal boarding schools much improved, but legacy of old schools remains

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Pope Francis apologized. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland called it a "heartbreaking" part of U.S. history. Congress is considering legislation to atone for the... — Updated 11/28/2022

ILM friends challenged to grow at annual banquet

WINNIPEG, Man.-In December, Indian Life Ministries hosted an annual banquet for 130 constituents and friends of the ministry. The banquet was themed, "But God Gave the Growth" and... — Updated 11/28/2022

Canada unveils stamps focusing on Indigenous creators and reconciliation

OTTAWA, Ont.-This fall, Canada Post unveiled four new stamps that encourage awareness and reflection on the tragic legacy of Indian residential schools and the need for healing and... — Updated 11/28/2022

UMC elects denomination's first Native American bishop

HOUSTON-The Rev. David Wilson was elected as bishop in The United Methodist Church's South Central Jurisdictional Conference, becoming the denomination's first Native American... — Updated 11/28/2022

Those Defining Moments

I was born in Winnipeg but within a year, my parents moved to Spirit River, Alberta. My mom had been married twice and her first husband had an affair and abandoned her and her... — Updated 11/28/2022

Abigail Echo-Hawk, M.A.

Shortly after Abigail Echo-Hawk, M.A., began her job as director of Urban Indian Health in 2016, she was astonished at what she discovered when she opened a file drawer. Inside... — Updated 11/28/2022

Every Child Matters....and so do YOU!

God's Word makes it clear that children are to be looked upon as a blessing. He speaks about the worth of children throughout His book, the Bible. "Children are a gift from the... — Updated 11/28/2022

The Royal Proposal

I don't know how many times I have watched different versions of the Cinderella story. My favourite may still be the original Disney cartoon, where the birds and the mice attempt... — Updated 11/28/2022


Nothing brings up memories like Christmas. The good, the bad and the ugly-our favorite Christmas and our worst Christmas. People want to be happy at Christmas. They smile more and... — Updated 11/28/2022

Healing the Heart Through Love

When I was adopted as a two-year-old, I went through a volatile time, like many foster children do, when they can't stay with their biological parents or family. I was moved around... — Updated 11/28/2022

The Council Speaks

QUESTION: I have a husband who is a Christian, but he is not Indigenous. I have children from an earlier marriage living with us. Their relatives want to see them, but they aren't... — Updated 11/28/2022

Free Boosting!

Christmas had always been a time for me to get things. Right from my first memories of toy trucks under the tree, it was that way. I remember the Christmas when I decided to do it... — Updated 11/28/2022

Attack of the Slippery Tomatoes

Recently a California delivery truck spilled 150,000 tomatoes across Interstate 80. To help us ketchup on this juicy story, news crews reported that the truck hit a central divider... — Updated 11/28/2022

Directors' Corner

Have you ever noticed that we can be encouraged by someone's words at one moment, and then utterly discouraged the next? One parent may celebrate with a child who comes home with... — Updated 11/28/2022

The Choice

No warning is given. The instant brightness burns through my eyelids. I only have two options: open my eyes to the light, or cover up and try to avoid it. Here in Ad Seg (the Hole)... — Updated 11/28/2022

Meet Simon the Scientist . . . a YouTube whiz

WINNIPEG, Man.-Meet Simon Monteith. He's a nine-year-old Opaskwayak Cree Nation boy from Manitoba who is passionate about science. "I like being curious and finding out new... — Updated 11/28/2022

Grape Dumplings

Ingredients: 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 egg 1 1/4 cups water 1 Tablespoon cornstarch 64 ounces grape juice Sugar to taste Directions: Place flour in a heap on tabletop. Make a well... — Updated 11/28/2022

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