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Southern Baptists make statement at annual meeting

NASHVILLE, Tenn.-When Southern Baptist denomination met in their annual meeting in June 2022, the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution decrying the historic assimilation... — Updated 9/30/2022

'Decade of Chickasaw Language' designated

ADA, Okla.—The decade spanning 2022–2032 is designated “Chikashshanompa’ Ilanompoli’! (Let’s Speak Chickasaw!): A Decade of Chickasaw Language” thanks to a recent gubernatorial proclamation issued by Chickasaw... — Updated 9/30/2022 Full story

Statistics Canada report released, including Indigenous data

OTTAWA, Ont.-In late September, Statistics Canada presented reports based on the 2021 census. The census report includes expected, and surprising data, on the Indigenous population... — Updated 9/30/2022

A Little Earth pillar

Every city needs a few "pillars of the community," or people who serve to build bridges and support belonging and morale. For Little Earth in Minneapolis, one of those pillars is... — Updated 9/30/2022

CDC announced life expectancy drop among Native Americans and Alaska Natives

WASHINGTON, D.C.-According to a report released in September 2022 by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Native Americans and Alaska Natives saw the biggest life... — Updated 9/30/2022

Tribal officials: Court ruling poses 'real threat' to sovereignty, safety

WASHINGTON-Indigenous leaders called on Congress September 20 to reverse a Supreme Court ruling that expands states' ability to prosecute crimes on tribal land, a ruling they said... — Updated 9/30/2022

Train service commemorates Orange Shirt Day

North Bay, Ont.-For the second year in a row, a railroad engine has been painted orange and lettered "Every Child Matters" to commemorate Orange Shirt Day. In mid-September, 2021,... — Updated 9/30/2022

650 U.S. sites have offensive names changed

WASHINGTON, D.C-The Department of the Interior recently announced that the Board on Geographic Names (BGN) has voted on the final replacement names for nearly 650 geographic areas... — Updated 9/30/2022

Anishinabek Police Service adds ribbon skirt to uniform options

GARDEN RIVER, Ont.-The Anishinabek Police Service now has a new offering in their line of uniforms. It is reportedly the first law enforcement agency in Ontario to allow police to... — Updated 9/30/2022

October 15, 2022 at 5pm

Is it in your calendars yet to attend Indian Life's upcoming fundraising banquet? If not, head on over to our website at or give us a call at 1-800-665-9275 to... — Updated 9/30/2022

Free at Last

The power of the Holy Spirit has made me free from the power of sin and death. This power is mine because I belong to Christ Jesus. Romans 8:2 NLV Standing less than one hundred... — Updated 9/30/2022

Changing Seasons

Summer is leaving and autumn is arriving. Some call it Fall. I sometimes wonder if that is because it is related to the Fall of Man from the Garden of Eden. We are falling away... — Updated 9/30/2022 Full story

The Council Speaks

QUESTION: Some people use traditional medicine for healing when they are sick, and some go to a medicine man to put curses on people. Is it right for a Christian to go to a... — Updated 9/30/2022

Turtle Disaster?

I love statistics. Here are a few I came up with myself: Somewhere out there a woman will give birth to a baby every quarter of a second. I say we need to find that woman and stop... — Updated 9/30/2022

Abigail Echo-Hawk, M.A.

Shortly after Abigail Echo-Hawk, M.A., began her job as director of Urban Indian Health in 2016, she was astonished at what she discovered when she opened a file drawer. Inside was... — Updated 9/30/2022 Full story

The Land of Milk and Honey

The Bible mentions honey 61 times and it mentions bees 7 times. The Lord promises people they can dwell in the land of milk and honey, which sounds like a wonderful thing.... — Updated 9/30/2022

Healing the Heart Through ''Being Still''

When I was a kid, I was known for not being able to sit for any length of time and be quiet or still. I think this is the case for most children. Children need something to do... — Updated 9/30/2022

Destruction of the Shrew

I had a little creature roaming around in my bedroom. The noise he made at night was very unnerving. It was amazing that so much noise could come from such a little creature. I... — Updated 9/30/2022

Who Is He?

Last year, I was asked to write a song about a man I didn't know. The friend who requested it sort of figured it wouldn't be hard to figure out something to write about the guy,... — Updated 9/30/2022

On the Shores of Eternity

Prescription eyeglasses A wedding ring Nose ring Dog tags These are four items from our family that now call the bottom of Buffalo Lake, Alberta home. For the last 14 years, our... — Updated 9/30/2022

The sky is not the limit: cruising altitude

ADA, Okla.-Sara Ellis is one of the few girls enrolled in Ada High School's aviation program. "I never thought I would want to be in the aviation field," Ellis said. "I was not... — Updated 9/30/2022

Sports provide an important but underutilized path to college for Native students

LONG BEACH, Calif.-Two years ago, Deontay Begay was overjoyed when he and his twin brother, Deondre, were recruited to play basketball for Northwest Indian College. It was a way to... — Updated 9/30/2022 Full story

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