Federal development funds will let Oklahoma tribes expand access to capital

WASHINGTON-Three Oklahoma tribal nations will receive more than 40% of the initial $73 million in funding from a federal small business initiative that for the first time is being... — Updated 9/15/2023

Facebook owners block Canadian news, affect Indigenous sources

OTTAWA, Ont.-Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram started blocking Canadian news, including Indigenous groups, on their social media platforms on August 1. Meta has... — Updated 9/15/2023

Indigenous community turns fish into veggies

COLVILLE LAKE, NWT-What do you do when you need to use gardens to grow food, but little soil is available? That can be a huge problem when you live on the Canadian Shield-the... — Updated 9/15/2023

First Nations group declares state of emergency regarding mental health and addictions

FORT MCMURRAY, AB- A First Nations group in northern Alberta has declared a state of emergency and launched a task force to tackle an escalating mental health and addictions crisis... — Updated 9/15/2023

New report says Indigenous children more susceptible to threats.

CALGARY, Alb.-By some measurements, the quality of life for Canadian children-especially Indigenous children-has diminished, according to the sixth annual "Raising Canada" report... — Updated 9/15/2023

Wildfire season breaks records

LANGDON, Alb.-Data is still being processed, but even before June, the summer 2023 wildfire season in Canada started breaking records-and especially affecting Indigenous... — Updated 9/15/2023

Tribal artists, leaders want update to law to protect Native arts, crafts

WASHINGTON-Native American artists say they continue to struggle with the theft of their work, and tribal leaders are urging Congress to strengthen the Indian Arts and Crafts Act.... — Updated 9/15/2023

Zoom's scrapped proposal to mine user data causes concern about our virtual and private Indigenous Knowledge

TORONTO, Ont.-Zoom recently attempted to rewrite its Terms of Service with ambiguous language that would permit the extraction of user data for the purpose of training AI.... — Updated 9/15/2023

ILM Offers Two New Books!

Indian Life Ministries is excited to announce two new books available October 21: Indigenous Faith This is Craig Stephen Smith's newest book, in which he unpackages scripture to... — Updated 9/15/2023

Group mentor program in Tucson teaches male youth about healthy relationships

TUCSON, Ariz.-A mentoring program is using talking circles, adventure outings and overnight camping trips to help young men develop positive and healthy relationships. The Boys to... — Updated 9/15/2023


John 11:35: "Jesus wept!" The shortest verse in the Bible, yet profoundly moving in lowliness of heart. He knew the circumstances surrounding the death of Lazarus, yet He wept. He... — Updated 9/15/2023

A Way Through the Pain

From July 17 to 21, Todd and Krystal, the ILM director team, had planned to travel some distance to help facilitate a Vacation Bible School. Two weeks before the event both Todd... — Updated 9/15/2023

Get Up! It's a Long Ways From Your Heart!

If he stumbles, he's not down for long; God has a grip on his hand. Psalm 37:24 (THE MESSAGE) Playing Hockey on our reservation was a memorable experience! As a teenager, I got... — Updated 9/15/2023

Pumpkin Spice

August is not yet over while I write this, but the light outside is changing. A few leaves are preparing for their fall showing by displaying a few reds and oranges here and there.... — Updated 9/15/2023

You Can Make Friends with Carbs

When you want to lose weight, what is the first food you give up? For many people it is carbohydrates such as bread, cereal, pasta, fruit and potatoes. Avoiding foods high in... — Updated 9/15/2023


Have you ever been stuck? Stuck on a school paper, or stuck in traffic, or maybe so emotionally involved with someone that you are stuck in terms of your feelings for them, even... — Updated 9/15/2023

Nobody Important

Life is so simple when you are a child. I remember when my three year old son thought his four year old brother knew everything in the world-after all, his brother was a year older... — Updated 9/15/2023

Shower Time

The odor makes my eyes water. The walls are covered with dried clumps of hair and soap scum. The ¼" of scum lies silently at the bottom of the broken sink. To label it... — Updated 9/15/2023

Mythbusters and Heaven

I'm at the age where I think about the hereafter more than ever. I arrive at the fridge and wonder what I'm hereafter. Seriously, heaven is looking sweeter all the time, partly... — Updated 9/15/2023

Sherry Pocknett, Chef

Mashpee Wampanoag of Massachusetts tribal member Sherry Pocknett was recently honored as one of over 20 other semifinalists from the six New England states. And Pocknett would go... — Updated 9/15/2023

Healing the Heart Though Gentleness and Respect

As an Indigenous person who's also a follower of the Jesus Way, I have found people who always have reasons for not wanting this way of living for themselves. Some also have an... — Updated 9/15/2023

The Council Speaks

Q: Recently I was hurt by a person in a position of leadership and authority. Although this person has apologized to me, he has not had to face any other consequences for his... — Updated 9/15/2023

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