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What's Up with ILM?

Over 40 years ago, a dream came to fruition. George McPeek, Ray Gowan and Chuck Olson came together with the sole purpose of restoring hope, healing and honor within the indigenous... — Updated 3/28/2022

Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project projected to serve thousands of people

Phoenix, Ariz.-Arizonans are facing water shortages as the Colorado River declines, but Teddy Lopez and many other residents of the Navajo Nation have lived without easy access to... — Updated 3/28/2022

Indian Life Ministries is excited to announce that in the upcoming few months, we get to be a part of two events!

Indian Life Ministries is excited to announce that in the upcoming few months, we get to be a part of two events! Native Youth Conference Over the May long-weekend (May 19–22),... — Updated 3/28/2022

Graduates required to know Indigenous perspectives, histories, cultures

Victoria, B.C.-The Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC), is implementing a new graduation requirement for students in... — Updated 3/28/2022

Indigenous groups want to buy Trans Mountain pipeline, despite escalating costs

EDMONTON, Alb.—Even though prices are skyrocketing on the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, Indigenous groups are still lining up, hoping to purchase... — Updated 3/28/2022

Health professionals highlight alcohol, cancer connection

Victoria, B.C.-Health professionals in Canada are joining forces to help people realize that alcohol is one of top causes of preventable cancer. They say that few Canadians know... — Updated 3/28/2022

Second Annual Trail of Tears Virtual Challenge

Durant, Okla.-The Second Annual Trail of Tears Virtual Journey kicks off March 21, 2022. This year, the route will take the participants over 512 miles from Mississippi to... — Updated 3/28/2022

Expanded Buy Indian Act expected to provide economic boost to tribal enterprises

WASHINGTON-Native American Tribes are hopeful an update to a century-old law will spur tribal economies and create a uniform approach to contracting procedures involving the Bureau... — Updated 3/28/2022

Teletherapy expanded during the pandemic, but is it effective for behavioral health?

PHOENIX-Telehealth has been a widely used resource during the pandemic, but as providers and policymakers consider its future, some continue to weigh the pros and cons of treating... — Updated 3/28/2022

Chickasaw Nation expands criminal justice capabilities

Chickasaw Nation-On July 9, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court held in McGirt v. Oklahoma that the Muscogee reservation remains part of Indian Country for purposes of criminal... — Updated 3/28/2022

Coming Full Circle

God can give you all you need. He will give you more than enough. You will have everything you need for yourself. And you will have enough left over to give when there is a need. 2... — Updated 3/28/2022

Laura Waterman Wittstock (1937-2021)

While others trusted her as a confidant, innovator, mentor, and friend, to her family, Laura Waterman-married to Lloyd Wittstock for a time-was called "a great mother" by her five... — Updated 3/28/2022

The Council Speaks

Q: Right now it seems like every time we turn around someone has died or is seriously ill. As Christians, we know heaven is a reality for believers who've gone before. But how do... — Updated 3/28/2022

It's Better to Wear Moccasins . . .

There is an old saying: "It's better to wear moccasins than to try to carpet the world." In other words, take care of yourself and your own life before you try to change the world.... — Updated 3/28/2022

Healing the Heart Through Praise

When I take a look at my life and everything I've gone through-all the good and the bad-I see various reasons why I went through bad times. The reasons were usually a result of at... — Updated 3/28/2022

He Set His Face as a Flint

He set His face as a flint, while I flipped. A little while ago I got caught in a blizzard while travelling on the highway with my RV. The snow was blinding! I couldn't see... — Updated 3/28/2022

The 3 Little Pigs

I am an extremely young grandpa, still able to outrun and outjump thirteen grandkids. It helps that they are seven and under. When they're worn out from trying to catch me, they... — Updated 3/28/2022

Untapped Potential

I love old guitars. What can I say? I just love old guitars! A bunch of years back, we were singing in a really remote, fly-in community and I couldn't believe what I saw hanging... — Updated 3/28/2022

Unimaginable Speed

It was pitch dark. The heat radiating from the walls of the cell wouldn't leave me alone. Sweat dripped off my hairy body. The night moved slowly-as slowly as the walls cooled.... — Updated 3/28/2022


I watched the jet streaming across the sky and wondered at how many people were inside; I wondered where they were going and if they were nervous about speeding along at such... — Updated 3/28/2022

'Read Across Navajo Nation Month' promotes literacy among students

Window Rock, Ariz.-Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez, First Lady Phefelia Nez, and Second Lady Dottie Lizer recently signed a proclamation recognizing March 2022 as "Read Across... — Updated 3/28/2022

Cherokee Nation Film Office preparing young Natives for growing film industry

TULSA, Okla.-The Cherokee Nation Film Office and Oklahoma Film & Television Academy are partnering to help educate Native American students to be set-ready as industry... — Updated 3/28/2022

Rowland creates Native American resource guide for Texas Christian University

Fort Worth, Texas-Caroline Rowland is proud of her Choctaw heritage and knows the history of her tribe. She's also a criminal justice major and history and writing double minor at... — Updated 3/28/2022

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