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The Life in Spice

In my last article, I began a new series about God's miracles that are all around us. I still think about that thin atmospheric line protecting us from the cold blackness of outer s... — Updated 10/14/2020

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God's Life Line

My favorite mystery ended, and the screensaver satellite image of earth began. I felt too awake to go to bed so I sat, fascinated with watching the picture. I focused on the ribbon... — Updated 8/6/2020

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The Creator's Victory

I want to conclude my series based on my book, Walking with the Creator, with thoughts from the final lesson, The Creator's Victory. The beguiling serpent offered Eve some... — Updated 6/15/2020

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The Christmas Star

I grew up in Wyoming so I treasured my panoramic view of the stars as seen through the dry mountain air. But, apparently, I had always viewed them with some sort of anchor in the... — Updated 4/8/2020

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A 20-20 Focus

I cannot believe it is a fourth of the way through 2020! To me, reaching 2020 is like hitting one of those life-changing numbers like 20, 40 or 70. Each one carries a different... — Updated 4/7/2020

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Created in His Image

God had a wonderful plan when He created humanity. "God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them" (Genesis 1:27). God gave... — Updated 11/4/2019


The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech... — Updated 8/20/2019


The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

I have recently thought a lot about light, water and seeds that God created. But I've also begun to see another pattern. It took me years to see the pattern. Even as I studied... — Updated 6/3/2019


God's Seed Plan

One of my favorite memories is of going to 4-H camp. Meals at camp seemed extra special. We began meals with this song: The Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord for giving... — Updated 4/5/2019


God Uses Small Things to Accomplish Great Things

This past year, I focused my articles on chapters from my book, Walking with the Creator Along the Narrow Road. The book grew out of my own search for direction and healing. I had... — Updated 11/24/2018


Washing Away the Grime

I think about the miracle of water's cleansing ability every time I wash the dishes, do the laundry or take a shower. Can you imagine what our lives would be like if we couldn't... — Updated 9/10/2018


Living Water

When I was a child, I worried about all the water running out of the rivers and into the oceans. First, I worried that the rivers would run out of water. Then, I worried that the... — Updated 7/17/2018


Walking in the Light

There is no place quite like the mountains to enjoy the first rays of morning light. Shimmering rays glint across lakes and streams, inviting wildlife to leave their shadowy... — Updated 5/21/2018


Out of the Darkness, Into the Light

I cried out to God for help when everything I knew about serving Him fell out from under me. I discovered that the spiritual leader I had trusted for over 20 years lived a lie. He... — Updated 3/16/2018


Look at Who I Am

Do you ever regret choices you've made? Do you wonder if God exists, and, if so, why you are in such a mess? Has a self-proclaimed Christian ever seriously wounded you or led you... — Updated 1/4/2018


Christmas in Chaos

Brightly-lit trees, merry songs and glitzy packages seem like noisy intruders into a world whipped apart by hurricanes, crumbled by earthquakes, scorched by wildfires and wounded... — Updated 11/16/2017


Love won

Our close friend, Glenn, died in a car accident a few weeks ago. We met him when we were older and wiser 20-year-olds and he was only 18. We would have celebrated a 50-year friendsh... — Updated 10/5/2017


Just Wondering

I wonder what the world would be like if each of us could see the spiritual realm as clearly as we see the physical one. What does the spirit world look like when an airliner... — Updated 7/15/2017


Mountain splendor

I surveyed the land around me as I sat on a flat rock halfway up the grassy hill. The forest across the river below gave way to snowcapped peaks. Bluebirds added vibrant accents to... — Updated 5/12/2017


Amazing Creator!

I often find it difficult to match my space travel with my daily life. I don’t travel as fast as people living on the equator; they ride the earth’s rotation at 1,000 miles an... — Updated 3/13/2017


The King's Child

Miriam wearily brushed the hair away from her face as she scrubbed the last of the pots in the hot, humid kitchen. It had not been her idea to become a scullery maid in the house of... — Updated 11/14/2016


Heaven's Heirs

Last night I sat transfixed as I viewed a recent NASA photo of outer space. I’ve seen many space pictures over the years, but the clarity and sparkle of this one caused me to... — Updated 7/19/2016


Living Words

I’ve liked this Proverb since I was in my twenties, because a motherly friend gave me the book, Apples of Gold, to encourage me through some maturing times in my marriage. I... — Updated 5/14/2016


Puzzling Pieces

Life is a puzzle. How many of your puzzle pieces are not quite fitting into the pattern you envisioned? Like with a jigsaw puzzle, I have often looked through my life's puzzle... — Updated 3/23/2016


Mississippi Mud Pies

I kept repeating it in my head: Mississippi mud pies, Mississippi mud pies. I encouraged my brain: you know these words; you know how to say them; you can do it. I whispered them to... — Updated 1/16/2016


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