A Face in the Crowd


Last updated 5/25/2013 at 11:19am


Last summer I planted a crowd of sunflowers in my garden. Joy flooded my heart every time I looked at them. I remembered that Sunday morning in Nebraska and how God used an example that I, an artist and writer, could easily relate to.

I will always remember a beautiful Sunday morning when I drove across the rolling farmlands of Nebraska. For as far as my eye could see, the fields were aglow with blooming sunflowers, set against a vast blue sky. I remember smiling and feeling that I had entered a sanctuary. All were standing in unity, as though worshiping Creator.

On my right, a display of bright faces, stretching upwards, focused on their life source—the sun. To my left, the opposite side. I was in their midst! However, I noticed some with their faces lowered and nearly hidden behind the taller ones in the crowd.


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