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  • You Can Make Friends with Carbs

    Cathy Visser|Updated Sep 15, 2023

    When you want to lose weight, what is the first food you give up? For many people it is carbohydrates such as bread, cereal, pasta, fruit and potatoes. Avoiding foods high in carbohydrates can feel like an easy answer to weight loss. People can drop pounds fast if they stop drinking sugary drinks or eating refined foods such as cookies, donuts and candy. For many people, these foods are comforting but also have a negative impact on their blood sugar and energy level....

  • Q&A: Navajo woman starts nonprofit to improve maternal health

    Laura Bargfeld and Natalie Skowlund, Special for Cronkite News|Updated Jun 23, 2022

    PHOENIX-When Nicolle Gonzales gave birth to her three children in a hospital setting, the care felt routine and mechanical. Having worked as a nurse with the Indian Health Service, Gonzales also noticed the gaps in support and accessibility that left many Native American women with insufficient care during pregnancy and birthing. Her concerns drove her to become certified as a midwife and, in 2015, to launch the nonprofit Changing Woman Initiative to address maternal health...

  • Helping Others with Their Losses

    Joseph Jolly|Updated Jun 23, 2022

    COVID–19 and so many other losses seem to touch almost every home right now. One of Indian Life's respected elders, Dr. Joseph Jolly, has written a book entitled, Going and Growing Through Grief. We hope this article, excerpted from his book, will help you as you walk your own grief journey and weep with those who weep. In seeking to help others with their losses, we often feel helpless because we don't know the best way to go about it. And even if we have gone through our o...

  • Experts target obesity, diet, exercise to combat high cholesterol in youth

    Adriana Gonzalez-Chavez, Cronkite News|Updated Jun 23, 2022

    PHOENIX-With childhood obesity levels on the rise in the U.S., more experts are looking at how to prevent high cholesterol in youth to help avoid serious health problems later in life. Obesity increases the risk of developing high cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease and stroke, two of the nation's leading causes of death. One way to prevent unhealthy levels of cholesterol in adults is by preventing it in childhood, said Dr. Michael Domanski, a cardiology specialist an... Full story

  • Stretching more effective than walking to lower high blood pressure: USask study

    Greg Basky|Updated Feb 2, 2021

    SASKATOON-A new University of Saskatchewan (USask) study has found that stretching is superior to brisk walking for reducing blood pressure in people with high blood pressure or who are at risk of developing elevated levels. Walking has long been the prescription of choice for physicians trying to help their patients bring down their blood pressure. High blood pressure (hypertension) is a leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease and among the top preventable risk...

  • UArizona and partners work to increase colorectal cancer screenings among American Indians

    Endia Fontanez, Cronkite News|Updated Feb 2, 2021

    PHOENIX-Colorectal cancer has received a great deal of attention since actor Chadwick Boseman lost his four-year battle to the disease in August. It's the second-leading cause of cancer death among Native Americans, prompting calls for increased screenings to improve detection and treatment of colorectal disease. Donald Haverkamp, an epidemiologist with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said many factors play a role in the number of cases among Native...

  • Almost a Heart Attack

    Brad Dixon|Updated Aug 6, 2020

    I was closer to death than I knew. "We caught you," said the doctor. I was both relieved and surprised. I hadn't known my heart was in such a terrible shape. Bad, but not as awful as the heart doctor said. I was both awake and asleep when he said, "We caught you." Anesthesia robbed me of both the fear of suffering and the joy of recovery. Two months Iater I'm fuIIy aIert, and I rejoice in what he told me. The heart. The thing in your chest that pumps blood through arteries...

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