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Healing the Heart Though Gentleness and Respect

As an Indigenous person who's also a follower of the Jesus Way, I have found people who always have reasons for not wanting this way of living for themselves. Some also have an... — Updated 9/15/2023

 By Becky Kew    Perspectives


Have you ever been stuck? Stuck on a school paper, or stuck in traffic, or maybe so emotionally involved with someone that you are stuck in terms of your feelings for them, even... — Updated 9/15/2023


Mythbusters and Heaven

I'm at the age where I think about the hereafter more than ever. I arrive at the fridge and wonder what I'm hereafter. Seriously, heaven is looking sweeter all the time, partly... — Updated 9/15/2023


Sherry Pocknett, Chef

Mashpee Wampanoag of Massachusetts tribal member Sherry Pocknett was recently honored as one of over 20 other semifinalists from the six New England states. And Pocknett would go on... — Updated 9/15/2023


Shower Time

The odor makes my eyes water. The walls are covered with dried clumps of hair and soap scum. The ¼" of scum lies silently at the bottom of the broken sink. To label it... — Updated 9/15/2023


Nobody Important

Life is so simple when you are a child. I remember when my three year old son thought his four year old brother knew everything in the world-after all, his brother was a year older... — Updated 9/15/2023


The Council Speaks

Q: Recently I was hurt by a person in a position of leadership and authority. Although this person has apologized to me, he has not had to face any other consequences for his... — Updated 9/15/2023


The Council Speaks

Q: After reading The Grieving Indian, I saw a prayer at the back of the book: "Dear Jesus, I realize I am a sinner. I long for peace in my heart. I believe you are the Holy Son of... — Updated 8/5/2022


Director's Corner

If you were to look up the definition of joy, the Oxford dictionary says that joy is "a feeling of great pleasure and happiness." In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, joy (when used... — Updated 8/5/2022

 By JDS    Perspectives

Letters from Our Readers

I'm a Native from the Navaho Tribe. I have been incarcerated since 1999. When I came to prison, I was a religious person who only believed in God when I was in trouble. I was a back... — Updated 8/5/2022


Daring to Dream

Here's the thing about dreams. I think that some people need to learn to dream. Especially after they have been taught not to. For six years, our family lived under the assumption... — Updated 6/23/2022


Through Troubled Waters

Now and then you run across some lines in an old song that just kind of hit you. As a songwriter, I hear a good one and tend to take notice of the way words are put together. I... — Updated 6/23/2022


Wise People Still Worship Him

Some people say Christmas is not about giving gifts. But it is! Christmas celebrates the day God gave us the best gift ever-when He sent His Son to the world. "For God so loved the... — Updated 11/23/2021


What Is Our Relationship to the World?

It is difficult for Christians to follow Christ because we are in a spiritual warfare daily with the devil, who is the ruler of this world. We live in a permissive society today... — Updated 11/22/2021


The Council Speaks

Question: My husband and I became Christians two years ago. We are glad that we know the Savior, but we struggle with some things. Our families follow the traditional ways, and... — Updated 11/22/2021


He Calls Me under His Wings

He will cover thee with his pinions, And under his wings shalt thou take refuge: His truth is a shield and a buckler. Psalm 91:4 Devotion: The psalms are often songs of comfort.... — Updated 10/4/2021


The Council Speaks

Q: Our Indigenous church has a problem between those with low incomes and those who have a good paying jobs. Most of our leaders are the ones with good incomes, but the low-income... — Updated 10/4/2021


What Does It Mean to Have a Personal Relationship with God?

Christianity is not a religion but it is a personal relationship with Christ. When a person becomes a Christian, he or she will tell you that he or she has accepted Jesus Christ as... — Updated 10/4/2021


A Word from the General Director

Dear Friends, A few weeks ago, my wife Krystal and I took a short camping trip to the small town of Nordegg, Alberta. Our two children have been serving at Camp Chestermere as Camp... — Updated 10/4/2021


The Council Speaks

Question: When I was four years old I was left by my parents and put in a foster home. My foster family cared for my physical needs but they never loved me. I felt like I didn't... — Updated 9/2/2021


The Council Speaks

Question: Jesus said, "I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won't have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life." John 8:12 What does... — Updated 3/27/2021


ILM Updates

Change. Change is constant. Here at ILM, a lot of change has been happening. In the last two months we have welcomed a new general director, and we have also set up a satellite... — Updated 3/27/2021


A Look at A Father and Son Relation

The birth of our son Joseph Seth was truly an extraordinary answer to prayer, and we call him our "miracle baby." He was born 25 years after Sheila and I married, and his birth has... — Updated 3/27/2021


FamilyLife Canada

Learn about this ministry through our interview with Dan DeGaris-Director of Development, Indigenous Ministry What are the top two challenges marriages face today across the board?... — Updated 3/27/2021


Forgive and Forget? You've Got to be Kidding!

When I was five years old, my twelve-year-old cousin, who was a bully and who teased and tormented me without mercy, pushed me into the river. I couldn't swim and would have... — Updated 3/27/2021


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