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Gardening is great therapy

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." So it has been said and I know it to be true. It is how one looks at the simple beauty in almost everything around us. There is so much, I... — Updated 7/19/2016


"Look to the North" Grandfather said

Annusik was being taught the tradition of oral story telling by his grandfather, a wise Elder. "I am a story teller of the old ways," said Grandfather. "Listen to what I say. I... — Updated 9/10/2015


One More Prairie Christmas

Christmas was the most memorable time during my childhood years on the prairies. It was uncomplicated but valuable, humble but rich. Each one special to our family. Every member... — Updated 12/2/2014


Faith Pruning

I remember how I helped my mother and loved working in the garden with her as a young child. It gave us time together. As we worked, she always told a story. I guess what I didn't... — Updated 10/12/2014


"Kanata," Canada's Goose on the Loose

Kanata is a Huron word for 'village' or 'settlement. The Hurons first named flocks of geese 'Kanata' because these birds bred close to Indian settlements. 'Kanata' was also the... — Updated 5/25/2014


The Skating Pond

Autumn would pass, the first snow would fall, We tried to wait patiently for Dad to call: "The pond is frozen! Grab your gear. The skating pond is smooth and clear!" Our skates... — Updated 1/18/2014



As an artist, color is everything. Whenever autumn is here, I find it brings me renewed awareness of our Creator all over again. I am in awe at the bounty of colors, from warm... — Updated 11/23/2013



This summer was the best I had I got to go fishin’ with our Dad. Dad put the worm on my hook I didn’t like that so I just never looked. Fished by the lake, side by side Then we went... — Updated 9/28/2013



It is early in the morning but already Bright Sun feels hot. I look up at the vast prairie sky. “Thank You, Creator,” I say as Summer Wind blows cool, refreshing air on my nec... — Updated 9/28/2013


A Face in the Crowd

I will always remember a beautiful Sunday morning when I drove across the rolling farmlands of Nebraska. For as far as my eye could see, the fields were aglow with blooming... — Updated 5/25/2013 Full story


A Walk in the Woods

As soon as the sun shines warm once more I put on my boots and run out the door! Dad yells “Hold on!” I stop and wait. Old Shep barks. Dad opens the gate. The earth is ref... — Updated 3/17/2013


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