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Partnership with Native Americans receives substantial aid


Last updated 6/23/2022 at 2:45pm

Addison, Texas-Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA), a nonprofit serving Native Americans in impoverished reservation communities, has teamed with the Bank of America to provide fresh produce on reservation food deserts in Arizona and South Dakota.

"Thanks to a generous donation from Bank of America, we will be able to provide bulk produce deliveries to Native American Elders and families on four reservations that are so devoid of healthy food options," said Joshua Arce, president and CEO of PWNA. The organization notes that one in four Indigenous families experience food insecurity, compared to one in nine Americans overall.


Native families now face the highest rate of food insecurity and diet-related diseases in the U.S. PWNA and Bank of America are providing fresh produce to help.

This donation means PWNA can provide 47,000 pounds of fresh produce to families across the Navajo, San Carlos, Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River reservations. PWNA offers services to hundreds of tribal communities-such as support for health and wellness to year-round delivery of food and water. However, one of the most challenging aspects of healthy living is access to fresh, healthy foods due to rising costs and the short shelf life of fresh produce.

The partnership with PWNA is part of $5.2 million dedicated "to support nonprofits and tribal partners working to address critical needs in Native communities across the country," said Jennifer Chandler, president of Bank of America Dallas. "It is a pleasure to support [PWNA's] efforts to address one of the most basic aspects of preventative healthcare-access to healthy foods."

Partnership With Native Americans is a nonprofit committed to championing hope for a brighter future for tribal citizens living on geographically isolated and impoverished reservations. Established in 1990, PWNA collaborates with reservation programs to serve immediate needs and support long-term solutions for strong, self-sufficient Native American communities, improving the lives of 250,000 tribal citizens annually.


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