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Native language Bible on MP3


Last updated 5/25/2013 at 10:38am

Henry Hostetler

Now it’s possible to not only read the Bible in many different Native languages but also listen to them on one’s computer, CD player or Smartphone.

Ever wondered if you could listen to the Bible in your Native language? The answer is “yes”. Faith Comes By Hearing has made Native language Scriptures available on MP3 CDs with music and sound effects.

According to Henry Hostetler from Northwestern Ontario, Ojibwe is one of the languages available and it is available through him and his co-worker Jim Keesic.

“We want to make sure the people who receive them will be able to play them,” says Hostetler. “These are MP3 CDs and they won’t play in all players.”

They have an instruction sheet that they will send with each CD which will help those who have the CDs play them on their players, computer or Smartphone.

Hostetler and Keesic have the Ojibwe CDs available to anyone who will write to them.

For other Native languages, there is a website ( where you can learn about the organization responsible for making these CDs.

“We do hope you will be able to make good use of the Ojibwe Audio NT to help you understand the Bible in your language and become stronger in your Christian life,” says Hostetler.

You can also download several different Native languages using the app. You can go there directly and get the NT in either Syllabic or the English alphabet. If you are interested in receiving one of these Ojibwe CDs of the Ojibwe New Testament, you can contact Henry at the following address: Henry Hostetler, P.O. Box 597, Red Lake, ON P0V 2M0.

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