Walking with the Creator


Last updated 9/28/2013 at 12:50pm

There is no earthly treasure, human accomplishment, or enthralling romance that can compare with the joy of walking with our Creator. No money can buy His presence or His friendship. No cultural or religious tradition can compare with His truth and authority. He is, after all, the Creator of the universe.

I finally finished my book, Walking with the Creator Along the Narrow Road (available through Indian Life). I worked on it for 20 years. I started out writing some praise-type devotionals as I healed from a lot of brokenness in my life. Romans 1:20 tells us that we can see God’s character and nature by looking at what He made, and I desperately needed hope and direction, so I studied nature and science to catch a glimpse of Him. I shared what I learned with churches and classes, but I kept feeling like the message was incomplete so I studied more and then rewrote my messages. I took a writing class to better communicate what I learned as I constantly felt the urgent need to share what I was learning; I saw others who needed the same hope I was seeking. It was through a class assignment that I discovered Indian Life.

I finally decided to organize my information into the format as found in the creation story (Genesis 1-2). This realignment brought such clarity to God’s truth that I actually gasped out loud when I saw it. God would not have had to have made the world like He did. Light would not have had to work like it does; He could have made a world without water or seeds.

God began His story by saying, “Let there be light.” We cannot live without light. It provides everything from food and clothing to the oxygen we breathe. Then He divided the waters. We cannot live without water. We must drink it to survive and clean ourselves with it to maintain health. Seeds reproduce and keep life going. They do not look like anything of significance, but they are miniature miracle bundles.

God revealed His plan for humanity’s relationship with Him through what He made. Jesus is the light of the world. We cannot live spiritually without Him. He called us out of the darkness of this world with its violence and pain into a kingdom of light that brings healing to us and others.

Jesus said to come to Him when we thirst and He will cause rivers of living water to flow from our innermost beings. God’s Holy Spirit brings life and strength. We carry His Spirit in fragile jars of clay, but what glory He shares with us and others as we draw from His deep, clear well of living water. He will cleanse us with mercy and forgiveness, bringing spiritual health.

Jesus became our seed when He went down into the ground and died for us. He may not have looked like anyone important when He was beaten and bleeding on the cross, but His victory over God’s enemy was complete. He brought forth an abundant harvest which includes all who believe in Him. God is too wonderful for me to comprehend. His imagination, artistic ability and sense of humour are vast. Think of all that He designs! He is extravagant in variety and abundance; yet His most incomprehensible quality to me is His love. How could the One who made it all die on an ugly cross for me? How could He keep calling me and patiently waiting for me to hear His quiet voice? How could He possibly long for my love?

My brain cannot comprehend Him, but my heart adores Him and I am privileged beyond measure to walk with Him. He invites you to walk with Him too.

What a glorious journey we can enjoy together!

© Sue Carlisle 2013. Sue Carlisle is a member of the Ponca tribe and spent much of her youth on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. Her passion is to encourage people to look at creation and see our awesome Creator.


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