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Last updated 3/28/2022 at 3:15pm

Bessie McPeek

Bessie McPeek, who was instrumental in the founding and previous directing of Intertribal Christian Communications, along with her husband, George, is a current board member.

Over 40 years ago, a dream came to fruition. George McPeek, Ray Gowan and Chuck Olson came together with the sole purpose of restoring hope, healing and honor within the indigenous community of North America, through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Intertribal Christian Communications was formed!

Under the umbrella of Intertribal Christian Communications sits Indian Life newspaper. The newspaper, this newspaper, is a combination of positive indigenous news, encouraging personal stories, and gospel truths.

For the last few years, the board of Indian Life has prayerfully considered changing the name of the newspaper. We have found that people are increasingly concerned about the term "Indian" holding a negative impact of colonialization for First Nations and Native Americans.

Names are important, and have tremendous significance. We wondered how to move forward. What do we even change the name to? And should we even consider this?

We believe it's time. Indian Life is growing and expanding. And we don't want the name of the newspaper to keep people away from the good news that is found within its pages.

At our last Indian Life Ministries board meeting, on February 2, Bessie McPeek, who is the widow of one of the original founders, officially put forward the motion to change the name. It was a somber moment, approached with emotion and humility. But what encouragement we found when Bessie suggested this.

The board agreed with Bessie's proposal and determined Intertribal Life will be the new name for Indian Life newspaper. We feel the name has special significance because Jesus, himself, was a tribal man. He was born into the smallest tribe, which also had the most significant impact for eternity.

So in the coming issues, you will note our gradual transition to the new name.

Our goal hasn't changed. We are a small team, but seek to have a significant impact. We pray that changing the name, not the content, will allow that impact to continue to grow.


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