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The '60s "Baby Scoop": A stolen son finds his way home

An interview with Wayne William Smoke-Snellgrove


Last updated 1/17/2015 at 7:07pm

Wayne William Snellgrove

Wayne William Snellgrove (center) with adoptive brother Thomas and adoptive mother, Anne.

"The hardest thing I ever did in my whole life was to grow up."

-Wayne William Smoke-Snellgrove

The tone of my friend Beaded Wing's email was excited: "You really need to talk to this brother and write his story. I've already told him you'll be contacting him."

"Brother" or otherwise, I wondered what he could share that I had not heard before. But, when Wayne William Snellgrove mentioned the term "60's Baby Scoop" during our first telephone conversation, I knew that his story would be as riveting as any tale of fiction in its unearthing of an era largely cloaked in secrecy.


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