Abigail Echo-Hawk, M.A.

• Chief Research Officer, Seattle Indian Health Board • Director, Urban Indian Health Institute (UIHI) • Director, Public Health Professionals • Recipient, Bothell's Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Washington

Series: Outstanding Native Women | Story 7

Shortly after Abigail Echo-Hawk, M.A., began her job as director of Urban Indian Health in 2016, she was astonished at what she discovered when she opened a file drawer. Inside the drawer was a 2010 comprehensive survey that asked Native-American women residing in the city if they had ever experienced sexual violence. The survey of the148 women participants revealed that 94 percent had either been coerced into sex or had been raped at least once.

But what astounded Echo-Hawk most was not the survey itself, or even its results. The enrolled member of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma was more conce...

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