All in the family

Series: Laugh Again | Story 2

Last updated 6/7/2021 at 3:13pm

Phil Callaway

I asked my 4-year-old grandson for the highlight of his day. He said, "Growing tobacco." Where he heard this, I'll never know. Here are other unfiltered thoughts from children:

Jeanie said, "People are composed of girls and boys, also men and women. Boys are an awful bother. They want everything they see except soap." Reminds me of the thief who stole 30 bars of soap. Forgive me, but he made a clean getaway.

A five-year-old was peeking into a baby carriage and saw twins. He said, "There's the baby-and there's the . . . co-baby."

Second-grade students were learning how magnets work, how the...

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