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Last updated 6/12/2020 at 4:18pm

I was meditating the other day on the concept of gratefulness-a close cousin to the concept of thankfulness. Both have the common denominator of appreciation.

It was just a few days after Covid-19 hit and many people were really concerned about where this all was going.

I started to think about what all we had been blessed with. I thought about having a home-not everyone does, you know.

I thought about how all my kids and grandkids were safe, secure, and had enough to eat-not everyone does you know!

I thought about something we sometimes take for granted, our health-not everyone is blessed with good health, you know!

As I write this and as you read this, I'm reminded of something else that we need to be grateful for, we have freedom to express our beliefs in our Lord Jesus-not everyone has that, you know!

As we look at and sometimes tend to bemoan the negative aspects of life that we find knocking at our doors, let's be glad we have a door to knock on! In other words: Let's find the good that is there in every hard trial we face!


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