Editorial Viewpoint


I took the time the other day to count the doors at our place. It took me about 30 seconds to figure out that we have 12 of them. It was kind of a mundane exercise, but it got me thinking about Closed and Open Doors and how God uses both kinds in our lives.

The Open Doors are the opportunity ones. They can be captivating, motivating and exciting or, on the flip side, intimidating, overwhelming and downright scary! You see, open doors usually mean change! Change is a great concept, but most of us are wired to resist it!

The Closed Doors are more of an enigma. Sometimes it's an issue where we've had a real brilliant, Einstein-ish, Mensa-grade, humdinger of an idea, only to find that nobody else shares our enthusiasm, finances aren't there, and logistical realties (or common sense) present us with a closed door. It's not an exact science, and it takes a lot of prayer to differentiate between "normal" obstacles and doors that are truly closed. However, as we follow God's way and get to know the principles and absolutes of the Scriptures, we find it easier to make those distinctions.

As we seek guidance in our lives from God's Spirit, we learn that two of His navigational tools are open and closed doors.