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Health Tips for the Holidays


Last updated 11/24/2018 at 5:14pm

Enhance your chances of having a happy holiday by keeping these healthy tips in mind!

1. Wash your hands often. This time of year lots of people are out and about who shouldn't be. You'll find their germs all over the place, even on shopping cart handles. Wash your hands often to help your own health and consider carrying a small bottle of sanitizer in your pockets.

2. If you're sick or have a compromised immune system, keep the visiting short, stay home, or wear a mask. We've all been in the holiday parties where someone is hacking away. The germs from a sneeze can travel 200 feet and those from a cough can go even farther. Worse, the droplets can stay suspended in the air for ten minutes.

If you're the one who is sick, think about others in the room who may have compromised immune systems from diseases like cancer or diabetes. If you're the one who has a body that's fighting an illness, don't take undue risks by staying all day. Wash your hands frequently and consider even wearing a mask to protect yourself. And limit your exposure to second-hand smoke.

3. Get plenty of rest. We often overwork ourselves around the holidays trying to do everything. Slow down. Schedule purposeful times to rest.

4. Incorporate activities into the gatherings. Have a snowman-building contest. Play some touch football or soccer. Do a relay race (even with wheelchairs, if need be). Hide a treat outside ahead of time and let people search for it or have a special ornament they can redeem it for a reward. Or try to find a way to incorporate a little movement inside: a dance contest, a game of Twister or Simon Says. Help guests stay animated.

5. Try to not let anxiety overwhelm you. When you start feeling the crunch of too much to do and too little time, remember you can only do your best. Make a list, scale back the complexity of your plans, get more helpers. If you're anxious about social situations coming up, talk to a counselor or trusted friend about coping techniques ... and don't forget to talk to the Lord about it! He cares! It's also very acceptable to have boundaries.

6. Don't worry so much about gift giving. We place a lot of expectations on ourselves during the holidays and so do other people. As a result, we often over-purchase and end up living with the stress of the holidays for months as we try to pay bills. Suggest white elephant gift exchanges instead of buying gifts for extended family members. Use creativity to make gifts. Cut down how many gifts you give per person. Do an act of love as your Christmas gift.

7. Don't get overwhelmed by the goodies. Sure, you can probably go ahead and indulge here and there and have that high-calorie, not-good-for-you snack. But if you're going to indulge, try to find other places you can restrain yourself.

8. Keep an eye on your meds. If you're on any medications, remember that sometimes pharmacies and doctors' offices have erratic and shortened hours because of the holidays. Keep an eye on your meds so you won't get caught needing a refill on Christmas Eve when all the stores are closed.

9. Be wise when travelling. Whether it's down the street or a day away, don't let the excitement of the holiday make you forget how to keep yourself safe when travelling. Dress for warmth and safety-if you must wear those cute toeless heels to an event in icy weather, wear boots to the event and change shoes there. Make sure your car is filled with gas so you don't run the danger of running out at a bad time. Make sure you have an emergency kit in your car-blanket, jumper cables, snacks and water, charged cell phone, and other emergency supplies. Always wear your seatbelt, and don't ride with someone who's been drinking alcohol or smoking weed.


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