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When Our Hearts Cry


Last updated 5/21/2018 at 4:16pm

Last month, I read a lot of news stories about the Canadian government's most recent attempts to somehow bring justice and comfort to those who suffered in residential schools.

And my heart cried.

I also read stories on the anniversary of Standing Rock. I read once again the recap of the rubber bullets and hypothermia suffered by those who were sprayed with cold water in the freezing weather. And to add insult to injury, I read the investigative report of how people gave $1.4 million through GoFundMe to an organization that was supposed to help veterans go protest at Standing Rock-the veterans went, but never received the funds raised to help their expenses. Instead the organization's leaders are living in luxury on that money in California. And they weren't the only opportunists to prey on those who are passionate about this cause.

And my heart cried.

The separations, the evil, the injustice, the opportunists. None of that is new to the Native American or First Nations world. Can I tell you a secret? I can hardly bear to read the history of Indigenous tribes and about the onset of colonialization. My soul sobs to even read about the atrocities as I think about the humans who lived through it.

When my soul is distraught by the atrocities and injustices in the world, it helps to realize that Jesus knew all about racial disparity and human atrocities.

This is the One who came from the dusty streets of Nazareth, the town where others proclaimed "nothing good comes from here."

Because He was born, families suffered the atrocity of their baby boys killed by the ruling parties.

He was vilified, rejected, and shunned by those in power-including the religious people-and eventually murdered.

So He certainly understands.

He was the God-on-earth who bypassed the kings but chose the hard-working fishermen and despised tax collectors to change the world with Him.

He showed us that God often does not choose the powerful, the rich, the influential to walk with Him.

He invites them, yes, the same as He invites you and me. And some of them hear His call and respond.

But more of the powerful leaders don't need Him.

He is close to those of us who know we need Him.

No matter what pain, the problems, the heart cries you face today, He is near to you. In the words of the ancient book, draw near to Him and He will draw near to you (James 4:8). And "Call on Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart" (Jeremiah 29:12-13).

It's an invitation we can respond to, whether we be kings or fishermen; politicians or Indigenous people who sometimes feel we have the deck stacked against us.

And when we're overwhelmed by the disparities and sorrow of life on this earth, it's the only invitation that can soothe our crying souls.


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