A DC Comics movie that doesn't suck

Wonder Woman


Last updated 7/15/2017 at 11:44am


Female warriors are tasked with protecting the world from Ares, god of war, which makes you wonder why they're hiding as World War I rages on.

So here's the thing we've got to keep in mind: the bar for Wonder Woman is ridiculously low. After the total disaster that was Batman v. Superman, the exercise in tastelessness that was Suicide Squad, and the extremely questionable choices of Man of Steel, all we really want is a DC Comics movie that doesn't suck. Like a gambling addict on a losing streak, we keep ponying back up to the table, ever more desperately convinced that our luck will change eventually. In my opinion, the problem is Zack Snyder. DC gets the blame for continuing, even after so many failures, to give him the reins to th...

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