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Don Monkman

When I was just seven, a priest asked me to help him in the church. Once inside, he grabbed at my clothes and pulled them off. I managed to pull away and run. But he eventually caught me and raped me. I wish it never happened but it happened over and over again. I tried to tell my father but he would hear nothing of it. So I just remained silent and never told anyone because I was so afraid.

I was born on a reservation in Arizona and I'm now in my mid-fifties. I'm pretty much a loner and stick to myself and that's the way I've been for most of my life.

One day while walking home from school when I was in second grade, I noticed a man standing at the side of the road with a burlap bag. As I was passing him, he asked me if I could help him take some trash from the back of his truck down to the basement of the Roman Catholic Church on our reservation. After we got the trash delivered to the back of the church basement, he locked the church doors and then started touching me a...

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