All God's Children

Joshua Heath


Last updated 11/14/2016 at 5:01pm

Joshua Heath

"I struggle at times because of what happened to me," writes Joshua Heath. "I have anger and a lot of sadness, but I am one of two kids in a home with a mom and dad. We go to church and I am loved by God, my family, and myself. Soon I will be a man and I will try to speak of how we should treat each other-whether we are drunk or dying or abused or not-we are all God's children and need help on our journeys."

It is hard to know what to tell other people about my life. I have pictures in my head about my young life-my mother pushing me along in a stroller or shopping cart as we search for empty cans and bottles in the garbage bins in Regina. I don't like to think about what I realized later: she was an alcoholic, but she also was sick with AIDS.

She wasn't a bad mother though. My mom, Noella, loved me deeply. She made sure I was fed and dressed properly. I don't know why, but she loved to dress me up in little suits for church. She loved her church, the Miracle Center in Regina. When she was young,...

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