Graduates 2016: Two brothers achieve goals by making wise choices

On a hot desert day in rural Nevada, there is excitement in the air. It's May 26, 2016 which can only mean one thing in these parts. Graduation Day!

This is the last graduating class of the eighth grade at the Walker River Paiute Reservation School called Schurz Elementary. The reservation is small so the school is home to elementary students up to eighth grade. Small numbers create tight kinship.

I am a strong advocate for education and proponent for high achieving students. Also, I am an instrumental individual who inspires those same students with art and music. Allow me to share some great news of not one but two graduates-from the same household.

Robert Lowery, a bright young man, is an excellent student who graduated with honors that night. He was given an award by the principal for his accomplishment as a 4.0 student. Wow! That is so inspiring to others.

Robert's favorite sport is football, his favorite subject is science. He wants to become a firefighter or get into law enforcement. Congratulations, Robert!

His older brother, Dalton Broncho, graduated the following evening on May 27, 2016 from Yerington High School. This young man is an aspiring flutist. He began playing at the age of 12 and played for the Veterans Memorial Day event and for other family requests. His favorite sport is also football and English is his best subject. He plans to go on to college and study journalism.

"There is no strength where there is no struggle." The life cycle of a salmon is a journey of challenges. Much of our success in life has to do with perspective or the way we see life.

There will be many challenges and perspectives for Robert and his brother Dalton and many other Native and First Nations students across Turtle Island. And then there are choices. Yes, we have been making them all our lives. What color, red or green? Cheerios or Wheaties?

I know a seed was planted that night on the Paiute Reservation in Nevada.