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A fast-paced murder mystery

Who's Grace?


Last updated 9/9/2016 at 4:56pm

By James R. Coggins

Moody Publishers


If you like mysteries and suspense thrillers, you'll love Who's Grace? by James G. Coggins. It's a fast paced murder mystery with a twist. John Smyth, a magazine editor witnesses a murder through the window of his jet as it descends for a landing in Winnipeg, Canada. Neither the city police nor the RCMP (Mounties) believe him until a woman's unidentified body is found in nearby woods two weeks later. The only clue to who she is is the necklace with a pendant bearing the name 'Grace' she wears around her neck.

Who is she and where is her killer? As the case twists and turns, everyone involved begins to see signs of God's grace portrayed.

I liked this book because it is set in my hometown. As the author described the city with word pictures like "the taxi manuevering through the narrow streets making its way downtown," I can see this because I have ridden through the streets of Winnipeg's West End on many occasions.

It is a good read for the coming colder nights of winter.


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