Seasons of Wounded Heart


Last updated 7/19/2016 at 4:08pm

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My life was a mess and stayed that way for a long time. I did get married but it didn't work. It wasn't until I was a single mom with four boys-my oldest was nine and the youngest just over one-that I finally cried out with everything I had. "God help me. I don't want to drink anymore!" That's when I had the most powerful encounter with MY Creator right there in my room! He answered and did just that.

To the many of you who are feeling lonely and forgotten as you sit in your cells and rooms, I say "hello." This is a small way I can reach out to those who are in what seems to be unreachable caverns.

Take comfort though.

I'm not a doctor or lawyer, teacher or pastor. I carry no certificates or bachelor's degrees. I don't need one to love you as my God, my Creator loves me. I say this selfishly because it is so very personal.

God, the Creator can reach anywhere-even through this article with pieces of my personal journey. May He awaken your spirits to recognize Him as He ma...

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