Mokahum Ministry Center: Building the Church among Native Americans

A young man from Pikangikum, ON, with an insatiable hunger for God's word and a lot of questions that need answering.

A Lakota father from Pine Ridge, SD, who wants to become a pastor so he can help a community reeling from a growing suicide epidemic.

An Ojibwe grandmother from White Earth, MN, who wants to be better equipped for her hospital and jail ministry.

A single mom who needs to grow in her faith but doesn't know where to start.

An Apache man, with a history of drugs and gangs, now wearing Jesus' colors and looking to turn his life around.

These are just a few of the students who have come from all over the United States and Canada to Mokahum Ministry Center, a discipleship school in northern Minnesota. Since 2009, Mokahum has been building the church among Native Americans by providing them with biblical education, ministry training, and life skills development. Currently, students may graduate with a two-year discipleship certificate or a four-year certificate in church leadership development.

One recent graduate said, "I came to Mokahum Ministry Center because of my deep desire to acquire a biblical education. I have a passion to change the direction of my people from a life filled with hopelessness and despair to one of hope that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ."

Mokahum has a rich history of preparing Native believers for Christian life and ministry.

Originally called Mokahum Indian Bible School, it was founded by the Christian and Missionary Alliance in 1948. Many early graduates of Mokahum went on to become pastors and lay leaders in churches throughout North America. But the school closed in 1978 and stood vacant until Oak Hills Center for Indian Ministries acquired the property and began pursuing the possibility of reopening Mokahum.

Today, Mokahum is operating under the leadership of director Zane Williams, who is himself the son of a Mokahum graduate and former director. In the seven years since the school reopened, many students have come-in some cases overcoming great difficulties-to be discipled in their faith and trained as leaders.

"Mokahum has prepared me to study the Word on a deeper level," one graduate said, "and to always be ready to talk about my faith and lead others to the Lord."

Another said, "Mokahum taught me how to be a better servant, to have patience, and to work with people."

A Mokahum education includes time in the classroom with experienced Bible teachers, one-on-one mentoring from Mokahum staff, hands-on ministry experiences like mission trips and internships, worship and service in a local church body, practical assistance with individual needs like GED certificates and job skills, and lots of time spent building relationships with other students and staff in a family environment.

For more information about Mokahum Ministry Center and how to enroll as a student, visit

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