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Indian Life Books 150 pages Trade paper

Review by Carla McKay

This is the story of a young girl living in a remote northern Saskatchewan Cree community. As a child she realized that there are two roads in life. One road is wide and well travelled and the other is narrow and sparsely travelled. She determined she wanted to walk along the path less travelled. The one that led to hope and a forever future.

Life was not easy for Rita and her family. There were many difficulties and struggles, disappointments, pain and anguish.

It was through the kindness and love of missionaries in her community that Rita came to know her Creator as not only the One who made and controls all things but also who is her Savior.

Rita and her husband Lyle Anderson served on the staff of Key-Way-Tin Bible Institute as well as in camps and pastoring churches. For many years, Rita has been a co-host of the TV program Tribal Trails, interviewing guests and sharing God's Word through song.

I enjoyed reading this book because it is easy to read and tells a very interesting, and yes, exciting story of life in northern Canada. Also, I really liked the photos that are included in the book.

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