Hatfields & McCoys


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Life was good until that day when Randolph McCoy accused Devil Anse's cousin Floyd Hatfield of stealing some hogs. The case went to trial and a jury of six Hatfields and six McCoys found Floyd Hatfield innocent. The fighting escalated and as many as fifteen lives were lost in the feud. At the age of 72, Devil Anse put his trust in Jesus Christ and was baptized in the waters of Island Creek.

My wife and I were in Oregon sitting around a campfire with some fabulous people. They asked what's the difference between Canadians and Americans? I said that Canadians are always apologizing and that I'm very sorry we apologize so much.

Canadians are sort of like the people living above a tavern, I said. Americans are making a lot of noise down below and every once in awhile we poke our heads out windows and say, "Hey! Keep it down!"

They laughed. One handed me a laser light so bright you could point out the canyons on Pluto. Another brought out a taser-a stun gun-and zapped h...

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