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Last updated 11/14/2015 at 4:31pm

Isn’t it amazing that leaves turn brilliant yellows, oranges and reds before leaving (or as my funny husband would say, “leafing”) to prepare branches for heavy winter snows?

Our Creator even paints dark northern skies with colorful light. I remember nights in northern Alberta when I shivered outside in sub-zero temperatures to watch what looked like red and purple waterfalls plunging to the ground. One night I stood beneath a herringbone-patterned dome pulsating outward in vibrant hues. Science tells us that gas molecules collide on our hot, turbulent sun, causing frequent explosions that send electrons and protons towards the earth via the solar wind. “Earth’s magnetic field is weaker at either pole and therefore some particles enter the earth’s atmosphere and collide with gas particles. These collisions emit light that we perceive as dancing lights.”

Migrating birds add their own color to autumn’s palette. I was thrilled to see a red-headed woodpecker pause for a moment on our back deck this morning. I’ve only seen him once before. I always feel a sense of loneliness, however, when Canada geese fly overhead in their noisy V formations. They are leaving without me and seem quite excited about it. I marvel at the tiny birds that weather winter’s cold; I would think the chickadee would be flying south instead of the goose.

God provides for His creatures in amazing ways. I know the value of trapping and I know that beavers can have different priorities from man, but I still like beavers. Aside from the design they may have on someone’s property, they are an amazing design themselves. They have two sets of eyelids so they can keep one set closed and still see where they are going when swimming under water. Their teeth continue to grow so they can continue chewing. I know; people don’t like their chewing, but they construct such amazing lodges and cut their winter provisions.

Isn’t it amazing that the One who paints autumn foliage, produces dazzling light shows, guides the seasonal migrations, and prepares animals for winter is the same One who came to earth as a baby? My mind cannot comprehend such a thing—especially when we add the fact that there was no room for Him at the inn. He came to an animal shelter! That was only the beginning of challenges for Him.

He chose fishermen, a tax collector and a demon possessed woman for friends. He ordained an arrogant Pharisee (Paul) to carry the good news outside of the Jewish community. He even calls you and me to come to Him and walk with Him. He knows us. He knows our stories. He just longs for us to love Him back.



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