My Hometown


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Sitting by the windows and waiting, watching out over the bay towards the narrows for the trappers to come round the bend and into sight. It was exciting to watch the dog teams rounding the bend. Every team was different, some had bells and colorful embroidered blankets across their backs and we could recognize the team by the dogs.

My hometown village wasn't much to brag about-no roads, no cars, no airport, no fast food restaurants or movie theatre. All we had was an outdoor toilet, a cozy home with family and friends and nothing but time to spend with each other. But it was my best-ever hometown village.

The houses sat on the top of the round bank in a neat row along the bay. The homes along the path ran along the top of the bank like clothes pins on a line linking us one to another. A log church sat in the middle of the village. Sitting at the table, you could see everyone and everything that went on in the vil...

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