"Look to the North" Grandfather said


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Annusik listened. He loved his Grandfather's voice. "The Great Creator is generous and must not be angered, so that there will be plenty of meat for us and those who follow after us. Breathe the fresh air into your chest, Annusik," said Grandfather. "It keeps us strong. The summer wind will cool our brow." He felt the Creator's love in the warm sun. The fresh air filled his chest and he felt strong.

Annusik was being taught the tradition of oral story telling by his grandfather, a wise Elder. "I am a story teller of the old ways," said Grandfather. "Listen to what I say. I will teach you what the Elders have taught me from our ancestors who went before them. They were the keepers of this territory of the Great Slave Lake. Elders are very important in the First Nations culture. They have lived longest and gained the most experience and wisdom," Grandfather explained.

As soon as Annusik was old enough to understand a few words, Grandfather lifted him high onto his shoulders and beg...

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