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A Visit With Native Comedian Marc Yaffee


Last updated 3/31/2015 at 7:49pm

Marc Yafee

"All humor is free," says Marc Yafee. "So, if you're cheap and or broke, you can still laugh. You don't need a Cobell check or a ticket to a comedy club to laugh with your friends, so it's NDN friendly. Humor helps people get through pain and uncomfortable situations. And we all know Indians have been through a lot of that the last few hundred years. Humor to Indians means that no matter how rough your life or situation is, you can always ease pain through laughter.

DK: You've made us laugh a lot on PBS, "Comics Unleashed," "The Latino Laugh Festival," on the Showtime special, "Goin' Native: The American Indian Comedy Slam" and on the "Powwow Comedy Jam!" What are you smiling about these days?

MY: Oh man, all sorts of fun stuff. I'm moving down to L.A., I'm working on some really fun script projects and I finally bought some new socks.

DK: You've got some big news, right? Ready to reveal?

MY: Yes, "Almost American". It's a comedy about a Native comedian teaching a citizenship class to new immigrants from all over the world. It's similar to the "Welcome...

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