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Last updated 11/23/2013 at 5:05pm


I am writing you to ask if I might please start receiving your Indian Life newspaper. I know you charge for your wonderful newspaper but I am indigent and have no funds to give you. I do write poetry and also articles from time to time.

I live in “Solitary Confinement” prison…I’ve been locked up “almost” 19 flat years and hope and pray to be home in about a year or so from now.

I was wondering if I could be put on your mailing list for Indian Life and would be very happy to be receiving it and even share it with other prisoners who are also in solitary confinement. Your newspaper will give us all hope in prayers to God above….

D.S., Texas


Thank you for Indian Life. I really enjoy reading it and receive a lot of encouragement which is one of the biggest blessings someone who is incarcerated can receive. Your May-June issue is great as usual.

I have several more people interested in your paper so I loan it out and make sure I get it back to loan to the next person. Otherwise it would end up in the garbage in a heartbeat. I cannot let that happen.

M.H., Florida


Thank everyone at Indian Life for such a beautiful paper you send out. There are great stories in them I always keep my last one until I get my new one then I pass my old one to someone else “if” I haven’t cut out certain stories to send to my families. I read them many times over this period of time.

J. L., Texas


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