Birth of the Chosen One


Last updated 11/23/2013 at 5:18pm

Illustrated by Ramone Romero

Suddenly a great light from above was shining all around them. A spirit messenger from Creator appeared to them. They shook with fear and trembled as the messenger said to them, "Don't be afraid, I bring you good news that will be for all nations. Today in the village of Much Loved One a great chief has been born, he is the Chosen One!"

Dream Guidance

Bitter Tears had returned home to be with her family and to He Gives Sons, the man she was promised to in marriage. Before they came together he discovered that she was with child. Because he was a man of honor and did not want to disgrace her, he thought about secretly releasing her from the marriage promise.

As he wondered about these things, a messenger from the Great Spirit appeared to him in a dream, and said, "He Gives Sons, son of Much Loved One, do not be afraid to take Bitter Tears to be your wife, because the father of the child is the Holy Spirit."

The drea...

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