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By Lisa 

He Believed in Me


Last updated 11/23/2013 at 4:49pm

I have been drug free for three years, and my identity was completely restored. I finally have peace and owe it all to Jesus Christ.

I was barely a teenager when I began smoking pot and dabbling with Ouija boards. In less than three years, I was running cocaine for a big dealer and sold my soul to the devil. Moving into an apartment with like-minded drug addicts and criminals, we spent our time snorting coke, smoking crack, dealing drugs, vandalizing churches while on LSD, and committing petty theft. I read the satanic bible on a nightly basis, as if I would gain brownie points from the devil. Landing in jail eight times, I should have had several felonies but God showed me mercy. I would steal anything that wasn't nail...

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