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“Wow!” I holler when I look up at the sky. “Dark Cloud is quickly coming my way! It is going to drop Fresh Shower right over my head before I can get to my friend’s house!” Mama made me take along my jacket, ‘just in case’, she told me. How does she know these things? “I wonder if Loud Thunder and Speeding Light will come next?” I peddle fast, using one hand to pull my jacket over my head, just as the drops start.

It is early in the morning but already Bright Sun feels hot. I look up at the vast prairie sky.

“Thank You, Creator,” I say as Summer Wind blows cool, refreshing air on my neck. I help Mama water the thirsty vegetables in our garden. I wish I could see Summer Wind but it is invisible so I smile knowing it is there.

After my chores and breakfast, Mama packs me a lunch, and I ride my bike to my friend’s house. Everything is quiet along our country road. Summer Wind gives me a push as I climb the hill.

I see Mr. Stefan’s truck coming towards me. I wait at the side of the road. He s...

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