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Growing Up North

By Morris Bradburn

iUniverse 2011 170 pages Hardcover

Here is an exciting account of Morris Bradburn growing up in the isolated community of Oxford House, Manitoba. Bradburn writes that everyone spoke Cree.

Here’s some of what makes this book exciting. “I had nearly aborted my attempted dive when I remembered the laughter of the big boys when I’d suggested that I could dive from the rocks like them. I decided I was going to do this and surprise those big boys the next time they came swimming here.

At this moment, I sprang into the air. I was going down quite quickly, but time seemed to stand still as I watched the water slowly approaching. I hit the water perfectly and didn’t realize how fast I was now traveling through the water.

Suddenly, I saw the bottom of the lake coming up to meet my face too rapidly…I hit the bottom of the lake with my forehead, snapping it backwards. I felt a sharp pain in my lower back and, at the same time, I heard the crack of my spine….”

The youngest of seven, Bradburn shares some history of the fur trade, Oxford House, and about his family and childhood. He tells of learning to speak English and later having to go to school in southern Manitoba.

The hard part of reading this book was when the author spoke of the abuse he suffered as a Native child. While difficult to take in, Mr. Bradburn also shares about the help he received to overcome this which included having God and his family in his life. These were two key ingredients that brought him healing and peace of mind.

Another bonus in this book are the black and white photos of the North which Bradburn shares with his readers.


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