Creator embraces “every nation, tribe, people, and language”

Ute, Choctaw, Onondaga, Lumbee, Shinnecock, Mohawk, Navajo, Hopi, Cree, Blackfoot, Seminole, Hoh, Ojibwe, Pawnee, Chinook, Commanche, Lakota, Haida, Mik’maq, Tlingit, Apache…and many more.

Each one a First Nation. Each one with its unique cultural heritage. Each one speaking its own language.

Lose the culture and its language and the nation loses its identity. Buffalo Jim, a Seminole elder, said, “The Creator told us … things will happen just before the end of the world. The first thing is that we will lose our language. That will be one of the signs. And already, you see, the children cannot...

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