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Last updated 9/23/2012 at 8pm


Greetings! I just want to say that I appreciate your magazine, and that I especially appreciated the editorial you put in the last issue about trusting God. Well said. George Mueller has been my greatest spiritual model since childhood. What a man of faith. I have also gone through many times (I am no longer young) when my faith was on trial, and I really appreciate that the usual spiritual accolades just aren’t enough at those times. It is easy to say “Trust God” when a predetermined amount of money is coming in each month to pay the bills. It is so much harder to trust the same God when we cannot see our way through. I know exactly how you feel.

Keep up the good work, and I will pray for you as I think of you, and support you as the Lord provides. God bless!

B.M., Email


I am from the “Sunshine State” of Florida. I love the Indian Life newspaper. For now, I am in prison serving a life sentence for something I did not do. But that is only by the law of man…God said “Stand still…and let Him move.”

My heart was deeply touched by the beautiful story of the “Canyon of the Full Moon” (May-June 2012). Thank you Evelyn Horan. It took me back, as a little child, to a better place and time when, constantly, the eyes of God watched over me. It filled my eyes with “happy tears” as I realize that prison is just a place. It reminded me that I too, like so many others, have been taken far away from the tranquility of a place He gave me to call my temporal home. “There’s no place like home” and I miss it greatly. Still, I rest at ease in the blessed assurance given each day as the Creator holds my hand tightly and leads me down “the Long Walk” of my own. I’m not alone. Nor are you when you give your life to Jesus Christ.

I remain steadfast in the Spirit with unmovable faith that the path I follow now in Christ will someday lead to the beauties of Grandfather’s Land. I’ll be smiling when I hear the Great Father above all say “Now we can finally go home.”

K.K., Florida


I’m a North American Native from Six Nations Reserve who has been bounced around from jail to jail in Ontario. I’m a Mohawk of the Wolf Clan.

I was happy to see your newspaper. There aren’t too many Native people in the places I’ve been. Your paper was very comforting to read.

A.M., Six Nations, Canada


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