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 By Sue Carlisle    Viewpoint

Unknown Plans

What are your plans today? We had an ice storm early this morning so I cancelled my previous plans, put on some warm, comfy clothes, made some orange-cranberry scones and a cup of... — Updated 5/18/2023


Healing the Heart through Nature and Scripture

Spring is here, and it's so nice to have this change in season, I'm comforted by some simple things. I'm comforted as I leave the window of my office open and hear the birds,... — Updated 5/17/2023

 By Becky Kew    Viewpoint

The Eensy-Weensy Spider

About a month ago, we had the joy of witnessing believer's baptism. A young man from Sandy Bay First Nation wanted to obey the Lord and identify with his Savior's death and... — Updated 5/17/2023


Purpose-Driven Ant

The heat was unbearable. My body didn't want to peel itself off the bunk. I tried to convince myself that maybe today I could take a break and just veg out . . . until I saw him. He was all alone, and scurried frantically about.... — Updated 3/20/2023


Moving Forward

Whenever I've spoken to a group of people or when I wrote my first two books, I've focusd at some point on experiences that I've gone through from birth until later adulthood, inclu... — Updated 3/20/2023

 By Becky Kew    Viewpoint

Are you living in Graceland?

This Winter I got the opportunity to drive to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. I hadn't been there in more than eight years and was impressed with the complete makeover of the touri... — Updated 3/20/2023


Worst apologies ever

I was picking out a Valentine's card for my wife. One section read, "Apology Cards." I was curious. Flipping through them, I found mostly excuses. "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking."... — Updated 3/20/2023

 By Sue Carlisle    Viewpoint

Peace in the Storm

How are you today? I'm munching on chocolate. An ice storm roared through earlier today. My husband, Wes, wondered what the noise was, and I explained that a snow plow must be worki... — Updated 3/20/2023

 By Crying Wind    Viewpoint

Always Ride the Elephant

When I was a teenager and had my first job, I lived in a motel that charged $1 a day. I had a mean boss and hated my job, and when I went home to my motel room, I was so afraid I'd... — Updated 3/20/2023


Letters from Our Readers

I got the newspaper of Indian Life. Thank you so much. Now let me tell you what happed that weekend. I was reading the newspaper and after I was done, I passed it to a Native American. He read the news and came to me and said he... — Updated 3/20/2023


Filling Your Own Shoes

In less than a month our baby boy will be 18, and then in another three months, he will be graduated from high school and off to a polytechnic school in Calgary, Alb. It's hard to b... — Updated 3/20/2023

 By Kene Jackson    Viewpoint

Plugged In

"The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights." Habakkuk 3:19 The power was off here at our country home for a... — Updated 3/20/2023


Out With the Old or New Year, New Words

It's a new year. That time when my dentist says, "Out with the old teeth; in with the new." That time when we leave some things behind. In January 1973, I left trumpet lessons... — Updated 1/27/2023

 By Crying Wind    Viewpoint

The Legend of Bear Killer and Broken Face

A young Kiowa brave stood quietly in the midst of blackberry bushes and waited for a giant elk to approach him. "Welcome, my brother," the brave, named Broken Face, reached out his... — Updated 1/27/2023

 By Sue Carlisle    Viewpoint

Quiet Comfort

How are you with silence? I wouldn’t want continuous silence, but I enjoy special moments of stillness. I especially like quiet. My dad once told me that it was because I grew up i... — Updated 1/27/2023


P.R. Representative

It happened twice, two days in a row. Both times I was forgotten. Time moved, but I didn't. I was left alone, cuffed, in a stand-up-only cage. I love business. I truly enjoy the art of growing a business and pivoting to keep up... — Updated 1/27/2023


The Council Speaks

QUESTION: We talk a lot about reconciliation in our country. Is God's definition of reconciliation the same as the government's? What does the Bible say about reconciliation?... — Updated 1/27/2023


Letters from Our Readers

Sometimes letters we receive include delightful artwork. Thanks to Dustin for sharing his gifts with us!... — Updated 1/27/2023


What's Up with ILM?

Our vision at Indian Life ministries is to restore hope, healing and honor within indigenous communities through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. One outreach of Indian Life ministries is that of Intertribal Life newspaper. It... — Updated 1/26/2023


Directors' Corner

I don't like New Year's resolutions. Year after year I have declared, resolutely, to do or not do something, and year after year without fail, I fall short. I may last a solid two or three months, but I always quit, give up, and... — Updated 1/26/2023

 By Kene Jackson    Viewpoint

Have you ever Hit the Ditch?

I have a few times, but there's always been a good reason for it. The road was icy, the road was muddy, the car was too fast, the sun was in my eyes, I was adjusting the stereo, I... — Updated 1/26/2023


The Choice

No warning is given. The instant brightness burns through my eyelids. I only have two options: open my eyes to the light, or cover up and try to avoid it. Here in Ad Seg (the Hole)... — Updated 11/28/2022


The Council Speaks

QUESTION: I have a husband who is a Christian, but he is not Indigenous. I have children from an earlier marriage living with us. Their relatives want to see them, but they aren't... — Updated 11/28/2022

 By Kene Jackson    Viewpoint

Free Boosting!

Christmas had always been a time for me to get things. Right from my first memories of toy trucks under the tree, it was that way. I remember the Christmas when I decided to do it... — Updated 11/28/2022


Directors' Corner

Have you ever noticed that we can be encouraged by someone's words at one moment, and then utterly discouraged the next? One parent may celebrate with a child who comes home with an... — Updated 11/28/2022


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