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Letters from Our Readers

OPENS ONE’S MIND I truly do appreciate getting the Indian Life. It really opens a person’s mind to the Native American, their culture and ways of life. —D.M., Ontario REACHING PEOPLE This is J.T. from Death Row in Ohio. I... — Updated 1/17/2015

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

Celebrating Christmas with a foot in two worlds

Even before the first snow falls, Christmas begins to make its appearance in our shopping malls, on our streets, and even in our homes. For those who live in cities and towns where winter weather is present for five months or... — Updated 12/2/2014


Letters from Our Readers

RELIGION VERSUS JESUS A fellow inmate recently showed me his latest edition of the Indian Life newspaper. I was truly blessed. The stories and pictures are great! I am currently in the final stretch of a 97-month sentence for... — Updated 12/4/2014

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

Reflecting on the past, looking forward to the future

Thirty-five years—about half a person’s life. It’s hard to believe how time seems to slip by and all we have experienced in that amount of time. With this issue, Indian Life Ministries is celebrating its 35th Anniversary... — Updated 10/12/2014


Letters from Our Readers

DAMASCUS ROAD Yes, healing does take time Mr. Uttley. Especially with what you went through. I can relate very very well. But you did a lot better than me, as for coping with those memories. Myself, light was turned to darkness. I... — Updated 10/12/2014


Learning to Trace

I could see he was sad, almost depressed. He wore it heavy on his eyes. Even his walk indicated that not all was well. I didn't know much about who Max was. Although I would see him... — Updated 10/12/2014

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

From the beginning of Creation

Everything in our world is changing, including the most popular month for weddings. For centuries, June was considered the “wedding month” because June is named after the Roman goddess Juno and getting married in June meant... — Updated 7/23/2014


Letters from Our Readers

CHERISHED MEMORY I wish to convey a sincere “Thank You” to all the staff there…Your publication has helped renew hope to a lost soul, although I do not practice Christianity, I do follow Judaism. I am the son of a Creek... — Updated 7/23/2014

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

Healing takes time

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) established by the Canadian government has completed its mandate with the last of seven national gatherings in Edmonton, Alberta. Now the commission has the task of organizing over... — Updated 5/25/2014


Letters from Our Readers

Hello. I just have to say that I was very touched by an article I read in your paper by Naomi Knoles. I can relate to what she went threw because I have gone through the same thing. I am 29 years old serving a 40-year sentence for... — Updated 5/25/2014


The Zoo Cage Prophet

"Look Mike," I said in my semi-serious voice, "the question should be 'What if Prince Charming had given up on Snow White – after all, she was in a deep dead-like sleep – and... — Updated 5/25/2014


Kisemanito Pakitinasuwin: The Creator's Sacrifice and Resurrection

Commissioned by the Indian Métis Christian Fellowship, Regina, Saskatchewan© 2008 I.M.C.F. Used with permission.... — Updated 3/15/2014

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

It's been a long, lonely winter, but... spring is on the way

Most everyone who lives within winter's grasp will agree. This has been a long, cold winter. For those who live where snow lies on the ground for more than four months, it's been a lonely winter. In the upper Midwest and north of... — Updated 3/15/2014


Letters from Our Readers

IMPRESSED I am a Cherokee. My tribe is the North Eastern Arkansas and East Missouri Tribe. I have been incarcerated for four years now. A friend gave me a copy of Indian Life newspaper. I was really impressed with your paper. I hav... — Updated 3/15/2014


2014: Will this be 'God's Generation'?

By the way, how was your New Year's Celebration? Now that the celebrations are over and we've returned to a regular routine of living how do you feel about your life and the shape... — Updated 1/18/2014


Letters from Our Readers

HATE MELTED AWAY I read the book called Thunder in Our Hearts, Lightning in Our Veins by Crying Wind. I took my time reading that book and it took me 6 days to read other than normally a book of 138 pages would take me a few hours... — Updated 1/18/2014


The Zoo Cage Prophet

"Brother Adrian! Brother Adrian!" Chavo was flagging me down and calling me from about half the prison yard away. I was headed back to work, but I decided to meet him halfway. Chavo... — Updated 1/18/2014

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

Gifts that Transform

Each year at this time, we hear messages about hope, love, and peace. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, there are faint signs of brotherhood and “peace on earth.” This year, if there’s anything that’s... — Updated 11/23/2013


Letters from Our Readers

SOLITARY I am writing you to ask if I might please start receiving your Indian Life newspaper. I know you charge for your wonderful newspaper but I am indigent and have no funds to give you. I do write poetry and also articles... — Updated 11/23/2013


The Good News or the Gospel of No?

Country singer Toby Keith's song "God Love Her" and the video should be required material for all followers of Jesus. The video portrays a romance between a preacher's daughter and... — Updated 11/23/2013


Birth of the Chosen One

Dream Guidance Bitter Tears had returned home to be with her family and to He Gives Sons, the man she was promised to in marriage. Before they came together he discovered... — Updated 11/23/2013

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

Listen, watch, learn...then talk (maybe)

Summer time is a time for adventure. Vacations, trips, visiting family, and reading. Some of our best times of reading are when we are on holidays. I discovered this to be true when my family and I spent a few days in the Cypress H... — Updated 9/28/2013


Zoo Cage Prophet

I’m not a prophet. Or the son of one. But once I allowed someone to think I was. Well, allow me to explain... Ad-seg (the Hole), by law, must give each inmate the opportunity to... — Updated 9/28/2013

 By Jim Uttley    Viewpoint

Walking the Talk

If you are a follower of Jesus and have been following recent news and trends in North America, you have probably found a number of issues and events that have caused concern. Here... — Updated 7/27/2013

 By Anonymous    Viewpoint

What's "tattooed" on the heart and mind

It is said that a “Tattoo is an outward expression of what has been permanently tattooed on the mind.” Proverbs 23:7 tells us, “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” The number one all time tattoo—“Born Loser”.... — Updated 7/27/2013


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