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Abandoned but not forsaken

Born in Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan, almost on the border between Manitoba and Saskatchewan, it's so far north that if you go much further north, you'll hit the Northwest Territories. I... — Updated 9/10/2015


"Is that You, God?"

I am from a small town in South Dakota called Eagle Butte. I am a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. Our tribe is back to back with the Standing Rock Indian. Reservation. So... — Updated 8/1/2015


I swore I would die before I'd...

Most of my life, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with Christianity, Christians or the Christian practice because of the historical oppression committed against Native/Indigenous... — Updated 8/1/2015


Pensmoke-The Outcast

My name is Michael Thomas but I also go by Pensmoke, the name I record my music under. I'm a rapper. I was born in the Smoky Mountains of Eastern Tennessee. I am of Gaduwa... — Updated 5/11/2015


My amazing adventure

My name is Crystal Steinhauer and I was born in Merritt, British Columbia, and grew up on the Coldwater Reserve. My parents are Faran and Vivian Steinhauer. My dad is from the Saddl... — Updated 3/15/2015


My Story: Beauty for Ashes

I've known dysfunction since I was a little girl. My mother was a loving, devoted Christian, but my father was a man haunted by his own scars, and those scars often filled our... — Updated 3/15/2015

 By KB Schaller    Life Story

Alaska's "Rosa Parks": Alberta Schenck (1928-2009)

Alberta Daisy Schenck was born in Nome, Alaska, to Albert Schenck, a Euro-American Army veteran of World War One, and Mary Pushruk-Schenck of Native Inupiat heritage. Although... — Updated 3/15/2015


A Warrior brave enough to face the challenge

Several years ago I attended a small United Methodist church in Michigan. I had just begun my work in Native American ministry. During that time frame I had an experience that... — Updated 1/17/2015


One More Prairie Christmas

Christmas was the most memorable time during my childhood years on the prairies. It was uncomplicated but valuable, humble but rich. Each one special to our family. Every member... — Updated 12/2/2014

 By Wayne Leman    Life Story

When Cheyennes Helped Me

Twenty five years ago, our mission administrator told us he was requiring us to move from the Cheyenne reservation to one of our mission centers to get counseling. It was a shock... — Updated 12/4/2014


Faith Pruning

I remember how I helped my mother and loved working in the garden with her as a young child. It gave us time together. As we worked, she always told a story. I guess what I didn't... — Updated 10/12/2014


From Pain to Purpose

When Karen Meekis first heard about a support group for survivors of sexual abuse, she jumped at the opportunity. “I felt like it was my last resort or I was going to go crazy. I wanted healing so bad I was prepared to fight for... — Updated 10/12/2014


Memories and hope

Bernice Sondrup, who has had contact with thousands of prostitutes over her years of ministry, says Crossfire volunteers would have talked to everyone of the 54. Scanning a sheet... — Updated 10/12/2014


I Proved the Doctors Wrong

The doctor was talking to my mother as they stood beside my bed. She was upset and the doctor was trying to comfort her. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Williams, but we've done all we can for... — Updated 10/12/2014


Every marriage and family are different but....

We celebrated our ten-year anniversary much like we've celebrated the previous nine, traveling to reservations and ministering to Native people who are dealing with the same... — Updated 7/23/2014


The 'Watershed Years' of My Life

My family roots go deep and my heritage is rich. If First Nations had royalty, I'd have been a prince in waiting; soon to be a king. I come from the Peguis First Nation and my... — Updated 5/25/2014


Outstanding Native Women

The daughter of sharecroppers Johnson and Gaynell Jacobs, Judy Jacobs (Lumbee Tribe) was born in Lumberton, North Carolina, and is the youngest of twelve children. Her family,... — Updated 3/15/2014


We All Have Our Own Story to Tell

As a child, no one says, "I want to grow up to be a murderer." I certainly didn't. Yet here I am, 36 years old, labeled by society as a murderer because I took a life. I was born to... — Updated 3/15/2014

 By Jim Uttley    Life Story

Falling into Place

"The woman in front of me was in no shape to be on television. Her face was lifeless-her eyes red, swollen, vacant. She met my gaze as if begging to be told what to do, but I had... — Updated 1/18/2014

 By JR Lilly    Life Story

No longer stuck in a hopeless situation

As I walked in, I saw my mother laying on the couch, bloody from my dad beating her, shaking in fear, unsure of what to do. Fear shot down my spine and I knew once again I was... — Updated 11/23/2013

 By Lisa    Life Story

He Believed in Me

I was barely a teenager when I began smoking pot and dabbling with Ouija boards. In less than three years, I was running cocaine for a big dealer and sold my soul to the devil.... — Updated 11/23/2013



As an artist, color is everything. Whenever autumn is here, I find it brings me renewed awareness of our Creator all over again. I am in awe at the bounty of colors, from warm... — Updated 11/23/2013


My Walk on Creator's Path

Each one of us has positive and negative factors that shape our lives—age, gender, health, appearance, personality, families, national cultures, religious backgrounds, finances, a... — Updated 9/28/2013

 By Bill Gowey    Life Story

My Tribal Prayer Journey by motorcycle across Native Country

My Tribal Prayer Journey started in the Spring of 2009 after my Dakota nephew Seth Cloud Chief Eagle passed way from huffing “computer dust-off spray”. This led me to visit and... — Updated 9/28/2013


Wherever You Are

I am a Native American and a prisoner for Jesus. I want to encourage fellow inmates and families of inmates. I’ve been a prisoner for Jesus for years, preaching and teaching the G... — Updated 9/28/2013


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