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 By Evelyn Horan    Features

Grandma and Me

As raindrops slither down our kitchen window this December morning, I remember another rainy morning in December of last year. It was after breakfast that Grandma and I were going s... — Updated 12/4/2014 Full story

 By Freda Klassen    Features

There is a Sound

There is a sound, the Creator's sound, written long ago, but bound. The Creator's design and image breathed into each one, to sing... to drum... to dance... to pray... to speak...... — Updated 12/4/2014


The Carol That Stopped a War

When World War One erupted in 1914 launching the first great European war of the 20th century, soldiers on both sides were assured they would be home by Christmas to celebrate... — Updated 12/4/2014


Why Suicide Death is Different and How We Can Help Those Who Grieve

After Andrew, a 20 year-old New York University student ended his life by suicide, some of his student friends wanted to hold a vigil in his memory at the library. Their request... — Updated 12/4/2014

 By Bob Woolsey    Features

What Gives You The Right to Commit Suicide?

I woke up a few nights ago with a feeling I should be writing this. I've been urged to do so by several people especially by my close friend, Terry Porter, a former rock drummer... — Updated 12/4/2014

 By J. Lee Grady    Features

Seven Secrets to Keep Your Marriage Great

When I married my wife, Deborah, 30 years ago, I had a tiny salary and no money in the bank, so our honeymoon was a budget affair: four nights in Miami Beach, four nights in... — Updated 8/21/2014


Native Wedding Traditions

While a large number of Native couples have adopted traditional church weddings, many Native Americans desire their weddings to reflect their Native heritage and do research with the help of a Native wedding planner to incorporate... — Updated 8/21/2014


The Beach, the White Room, and the Dark Alley

As a child sitting in front of the T.V. and watching one of my favorite cartoons, "G.I. Joe", I would play with the action figures and get absorbed in the story line when finally th... — Updated 8/21/2014


Husbands Who Watch Porn

When a woman discovers her husband has been watching porn behind her back, it can feel absolutely devastating. It is a traumatic discovery in the truest sense of the word—the wife undergoes terrible trauma. These women... — Updated 8/21/2014


Virgin Teenage Boy says solution for Casual Sex Myth is 'Glue' Argument

BERKSHIRE, UK—An 18-year-old schoolboy has criticized the culture of casual sex, saying it brings unhappiness rather than satisfaction. Phin Lyman told his school magazine why he is abstaining from sex and described his concern... — Updated 8/21/2014


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