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 By K.B. Schaller    Features

Multi-award-winning gospel singer

"My burden and goal is to reach the people in your community who are lost to addiction or abuse."-Yvonne Saint Germaine By her own account, prior to July 26, 2006, seven-time... — Updated 3/13/2017


Creator's Thunder and Dance

Creator thunders across the waters, Brilliant, His voice and His face, streaming brightness- God, across the flood waters. Creator God's thunder tympanic, God's thunder symphonic.... — Updated 3/13/2017



Adapted by Jim Uttley from NIGHTLARK RUNNER by Keith Wilkerson. Illustrated by Bruce Bezaire This is the fifth and final installment in this graphic novel. If you would like this... — Updated 1/9/2017



Adapted by Jim Uttley from NIGHTLARK RUNNER by Keith Wilkerson. Illustrated by Bruce Bezaire.... — Updated 1/9/2017


Keeping our history on the leaves of memory

Adapted from BIRD WITH BROKEN WING Indian Life Books "The shared past is a complicated place," someone wisely observed, "we need to listen to many voices." The history of North... — Updated 1/9/2017



Adapted by Jim Uttley from NIGHTLARK RUNNER by Keith Wilkerson.... — Updated 11/14/2016

 By Adam Miller    Features

Healing Quiet

photography by David Uttley Even in summer, Togiak, Alaska, is effortlessly quiet, mostly empty of human voices. The stillness is punctuated occasionally by the rattle of... — Updated 11/14/2016

 By Kim Stewart    Features

Reason for Hope

If you are a survivor of child abuse, don’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed with the enormity of it. Take comfort. There is hope and I encourage you to ask for help for yourself! If you do not take care of your anxiety, fear,... — Updated 11/14/2016


Turning shame into something useful

Editor's Note: People who have suffered the trauma of childhood sexual abuse very often feel shame throughout their lives. Author Dietrich Desmarais writes about shame and how a... — Updated 11/14/2016


Spotlight's editor explains his newspaper's persistence in uncovering abuse

NEW ORLEANS, LA—Two prominent veteran journalists headlined the Native American Journalists Association annual convention in New Orleans. Charlie Rose, co-host of “CBS This Morning” and PBS’s “Charlie Rose” and Marty Baron, executi... — Updated 11/14/2016


All God's Children

It is hard to know what to tell other people about my life. I have pictures in my head about my young life-my mother pushing me along in a stroller or shopping cart as we search... — Updated 11/14/2016

 By Anonymous    Features

Witness to the truth

I was born on a reservation in Arizona and I'm now in my mid-fifties. I'm pretty much a loner and stick to myself and that's the way I've been for most of my life. One day while wal... — Updated 11/14/2016



ERROR... — Updated 9/9/2016

 By K.B. Schaller    Features

De facto ambassador between the Cherokee and Euro-Americans

In the Cherokee society of her day, Nanyehi (One who goes about) was known in the English language as Nancy Ward. There are seven clans of the Cherokee: Wolf, Bird, Deer, Long Hair,... — Updated 9/9/2016


Defeating Loneliness

These two individuals point out that loneliness is a painful issue and one faced by many people today. Loneliness strikes the young and the old; males and females; the employed and... — Updated 9/9/2016


Sandy Bay youth journey to experience Noah's Ark

ERROR... — Updated 9/9/2016


Creativity and color spring from behind prison walls

INDIAN LIFE receives miniature "masterpieces" from men and women on a regular basis. If we were to publish all the artwork we receive, it would fill several issues of our newspaper... — Updated 7/19/2016


Day of Beauty, Celebration, and Remembrance

Powwows are filled with color, rhythm, and sounds. Creative gifts given by Creator and entrusted to Indigenous People.... — Updated 7/19/2016


Mokahum Ministry Center: Building the Church among Native Americans

A young man from Pikangikum, ON, with an insatiable hunger for God's word and a lot of questions that need answering. A Lakota father from Pine Ridge, SD, who wants to become a... — Updated 7/19/2016

 By K.B. Schaller    Features

Only woman to declare war against the United States of America

Born in Bonners Ferry, Idaho April 26, 1936 Amelia "Amy" Trice was the daughter of Helen and Baptiste Cutsack. She attended the Kootenai (KOOT-nee) Tribal School, Chemewa Indian... — Updated 5/14/2016


GIDI Birthday Celebration

On Sunday February 14 2014, GIDI celebrated their 53rd anniversary. It was held in the soccer stadium in the highland town Wamena, and attended by thousands from all over the... — Updated 5/14/2016


One who was dead comes back to life

The soldiers who were guarding Creator Sets Free began to mock and beat Him with their fists. They put a blindfold over His eyes, "Prophesy to us! Tell us who struck You!" they... — Updated 3/30/2016

 By Evelyn Horan    Features


"Joe, I don't think you should try it," Grandma said, sitting on the left side of the pontoon river raft with her feet propped up against the inflated rubber tubing. "What if you fa... — Updated 3/24/2016

 By Marlane Mazur    Features

My Wind Song for today

There isn't anything that can clear my mind better than a walk along the lake, "Beside My Still Waters". Today I needed to go for one of those walks. Without realizing it, some... — Updated 1/17/2016

 By K.B.Schaller    Features

Coach of "The World's Greatest Girls' Basketball Team"

When William Winslow, M.D., arrived at abandoned Fort Shaw (Montana) in April 1892 to start an Indian School, he immediately instituted physical culture classes for boys as part of... — Updated 1/17/2016


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