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Before we can ever truly deal with the hurts in our own lives, we have to be centered spiritually. We have to have a relationship with God. And that is not a thing we can achieve on our own. Jesus Christ said in John 14:6 in... — Updated 1/4/2018


Creator can rescue you today

When Paul Mitchell reached the very bottom of himself, he realized that he did not have the ability to rescue himself. He had to come to the place where he admitted he was powerless. And everything he thought he was, the person... — Updated 11/16/2017


Creator can be with you today

Beverly Thomas had a mother’s love and faith to depend on as she grew up. But her world fell apart when her mother died. In the midst of her trauma, she lost sight of the one her mother lived for and tried to find love,... — Updated 10/5/2017



Frank Dragon grew up with loving parents who taught him well. But his world broke apart when he was 17 when his dad was killed in a mining accident. For several years he wandered around aimlessly, without purpose or passion. Then s... — Updated 7/15/2017



Who is Creator to you? Rae Evans first heard about Creator when she was a child. While at a camp meeting in Oregon, she learned about Jesus. But for most of her childhood and teens, her faith was not very important to her. Then... — Updated 3/13/2017



At the start of this New Year, are you looking for your life to be different? Do you want joy and peace in your life? What are you waiting for? Skyler Roulette wanted peace that would last forever but he wasn't ready to give up... — Updated 1/9/2017


Have you been abused?

The wonderful world that Creator gave us has become an ugly place. Some people no longer consider humans to be God’s creatures to be treated with love and respect. Instead, evil people are harming others—even little... — Updated 11/14/2016


Is this your last chance?

Are you living on the edge? How many near-death experiences have you had either from alcohol, drugs, or just some freak accident? Steve Silverheels, son of Tonto (Jay Silverheels) had many such experiences and one day he was going... — Updated 3/24/2016



Are you a survivor of Residential School or have you lived through similar situations? Do you have feelings of rejection and abandonment? Helen Worm did and she battled her emotions throughout her childhood and much of her adult... — Updated 1/17/2016



Rita Bear Gray went through a lot of trauma growing up in northern Saskatchewan. Her father was an abusive alcoholic, her mother kidnapped her and then abandoned her along the way. She was bullied in school and finally quit. Yet... — Updated 9/10/2015


Creator is calling you...

Did you know that Creator is speaking to us? Have you ever heard His voice? Sometimes He speaks in the most unusual places. Daniel LaPlante heard Creator God speak to him while taking a shower. You can read his story on pages... — Updated 8/1/2015



How are things going? Are you happy with the way things are going in your life? Michael Thomas (his story is on page 10) was living his life his way and things where not that bad. However, he felt as if something was missing. One d... — Updated 5/12/2015


What's new?

The New Year has been upon us for a couple of months so how are your resolutions going? Many people like to start out the year fresh and leave behind the past as they seek to be a... — Updated 3/21/2015



In 1988, while attending a conference, Casey Church accepted a call to follow Jesus. “My calling was not the typical way of preparing for service. I prayed and sought God’s guidance in order to learn about this new approach He... — Updated 1/17/2015


What secret are you hiding?

Do you have a secret that you have kept secret for a long time? Are you almost breaking under the pain of it? Wayne Leman knows what it is to endure abuse and not be able to talk about it—until many years later. Our Creator... — Updated 12/4/2014


There's hope for anyone, no matter what you have done

The Doctors sent Herman Williams home to die (see story on page 12), but Creator God had other plans. Herman lived for many years after that and died an elderly man. The Lord can turn your hopeless situation around, too, if you... — Updated 10/12/2014


There's hope for anyone, no matter what you have done

Charles and Siouxan Robinson are a very unique couple. The way that Creator God led each of them, answering their prayers, and bringing them together is truly amazing. They are following the path that God has chosen for them—on... — Updated 7/23/2014


There's hope for anyone, no matter what you have done

There is no doubt that if you read Naomi Knoles’ story, you will agree that she went through an incredible experience that no mother should have to go through. Depression and especially postpartum depression is one of the worst k... — Updated 3/15/2014


Sun Worshiper or Son Worshiper?

It's been a long winter here in Canada. Like thousands of others, I needed to take a little break away from the sting of winter. In January, I went on a cruise for a week to the Bah... — Updated 3/15/2014


What do you want to overcome this year?

If you’ve read Hattie Kauffman’s story, you know that she had to overcome a lot. Growing up in poverty and the chaos it creates is not easy. But Creator opened incredible doors for her. As she says, God didn’t have to search... — Updated 1/19/2014


Is Your Life Hopeless?

JR’s life was hopeless. One day he could take it no longer. Just as he was about to take his life, he says “I fell to my knees and wept. As one last attempt for hope I cried out to this God. ‘I’m not totally sure who You... — Updated 11/23/2013



Sue Carlisle says she doesn’t know a single person whose life is perfect. And she’s right. She says we all “have had heartaches of one sort or another—painful physical or environmental circumstances, hurtful actions from... — Updated 9/28/2013



Ever felt like God was distant? Sometimes it feels that way. Richard Sinclair didn’t even know about God until he went for help with his drinking. Not long after that, God answered his prayers and delivered him from alcohol and... — Updated 7/27/2013


"How Can I Forgive?"

One of the most difficult things for me to do has been to practice forgiveness. My feelings are easily hurt, and I seem to suffer for days when I'm feeling offended. For years I... — Updated 3/17/2013


What Are You Afraid Of?

Jeff DeContie grew up in fear. He was afraid of just about everything. He was afraid of his school, family, girls, and even his own grandmother. He soon learned that the only one he could trust was God. What are you afraid of? If... — Updated 1/19/2013


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