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God Loves You

If I only had one more opportunity to communicate to our readers (and I hope this is not my last article), what would I want to say? There is only one foundational truth that makes... — Updated 3/15/2014


What If the Bible Is True?

What if the Bible is true? That question runs through my mind constantly as I listen and watch the world around me, and in the age of technology, that is quite a large world. I... — Updated 1/18/2014


Christmas Kaleidoscope

Wes and I are enjoying retirement. We moved out of the Toronto area, and, though I miss good friends, I don’t miss the traffic and incessant roar of the city. I enjoy a quieter,... — Updated 11/23/2013


My Walk on Creator's Path

Each one of us has positive and negative factors that shape our lives—age, gender, health, appearance, personality, families, national cultures, religious backgrounds, finances, a... — Updated 9/28/2013


Walking with the Creator

There is no earthly treasure, human accomplishment, or enthralling romance that can compare with the joy of walking with our Creator. No money can buy His presence or His... — Updated 9/28/2013


Our Greater Reality

My husband is retiring in a few weeks. We sold our home and purchased a truck and fifth wheel. We plan to take a few months to visit family and friends and volunteer at Eagles... — Updated 7/27/2013


Following in His Footsteps

Many people know the story of Chief Standing Bear. Books have been written and movies made about his story and that of the Ponca Tribe. I am not writing this story to open up old... — Updated 5/25/2013


Illusions and Reality

Since the surgery on my spine, walking and balancing on uneven surfaces present more challenges for me than usual. This is important information for you to fully comprehend my... — Updated 3/17/2013


A Message for the Heart

Have you ever wondered how your brain works? How do brains make sense of the vibrations passing through the ears? How can it translate so many consonants and vowels, stops and... — Updated 1/22/2013


The Baby in the Manger

Beautiful Christmas cards portray Mary and Joseph keeping watch over their tiny baby in the manger. Can you imagine how Mary felt as she held her soft, squirming infant in her... — Updated 12/15/2012


Our Pale Blue Dot

Two space probes, Voyagers 1 and 2, began their long journey across our solar system 35 years ago. They sent back images and information never before seen or imagined. Scientists... — Updated 9/24/2012


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