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There are seven wonders of the world. But for a child there are millions. We were in a mall and my granddaughter couldn’t get over how many people there were. She had to say hi... — Updated 3/13/2017


Never Cliché

Sports interviews can be very entertaining. Golfer Greg Norman once said, “I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father.” Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees... — Updated 1/9/2017


Nightmare in Second Grade

I was in second grade when Miss Barzley came to town. Like little lambs, we were lined up single file in the hallway and shot one by one. I stood near the back of the line. Those... — Updated 11/14/2016


Why I go to church

I love to hear from children. Not all the time. Not while we are shopping and our two-year-old yells, "Look, that man is gonna have a baby!" But children sure write interesting... — Updated 9/9/2016


Go, Baby, Go

Today we present, “How to have a baby fast.” Are you ready? Call your dad at 3:45 in the afternoon and leave a voice message, “We’re heading to the hospital. Likely a false... — Updated 7/19/2016


The Right Fish

My son has been single for 29 years. Since flying from our nest he has kept a fairly clean house, done his laundry and become adept at cooking. Although he does show up at our... — Updated 1/16/2016


Hatfields & McCoys

My wife and I were in Oregon sitting around a campfire with some fabulous people. They asked what's the difference between Canadians and Americans? I said that Canadians are always... — Updated 11/14/2015


Hidden Harley

Have you ever haggled at yard sales? Do you find yourself saying, "Hey! Those cassette tapes...would you take $3 for the whole lot?" If so, you are cheap my friend. I know a guy... — Updated 9/11/2015


Water Has Broken

Last Saturday two phone calls came, one from my son Steve who said, "Dad, my water heater broke." I have no idea why he'd call a guy like me. I'm remotely aware that hot showers... — Updated 8/1/2015


A new beginning

I know of few things more disturbing to a man than having someone misplace his remote control. Perhaps the only thing more disconcerting is misplacing it himself. One night when... — Updated 1/17/2015


Who Are You?

Ever been asked this question? Just who do you think you are? Teachers used to ask me this, and add “young man.” But if you were given ten words to describe yourself what would... — Updated 5/25/2014



Do you remember the first time you thought to yourself, I just might be a sinner? I was four when this happened to me. I was standing by the bathtub and I had an irresistible urge... — Updated 3/15/2014


Late for Christmas

Isn't it hard to believe another year has come and gone? Time waits for no man, and very few women, my father would say. Like the New Year, the wise men came after Christmas. They'r... — Updated 1/18/2014 Full story



When I was a kid my brothers liked to tell me stories of prison. For never being there, they sure knew a lot about it. They said inmates had escaped the nearby penitentiary and... — Updated 11/23/2013


Bad Decisions Make Great Stories

Have you seen anything funny lately? If you go looking you’ll find a lot to laugh about. Here are a few ads I’ve seen in newspapers: • For Sale: Bull dog, will eat anything.... — Updated 9/28/2013


Flip this thing

Sometimes bad decisions make for great stories. While writing a book called When You Need A Good Laugh, I had a small accident that wasn’t very funny at all. And come to think of... — Updated 7/27/2013


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