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  • Neechi Gear: More than a winning brand

    Malcolm McColl|Updated Aug 1, 2015

    I came up with the name Neechie Gear for a brand name when I was in university. "It means My Friend in Cree," says Kendal Netmaker, owner of the Neechie Gear, Inc., a store selling the Neechie Gear brand from the Circle Centre Mall in Saskatoon, and wholesaling the Neechie Gear Brand name to other stores in Canada, and at the Neechie Gear online store. Netmaker conceived the idea for a brand called Neechie Gear while at the University of Saskatchewan studying to become a...

  • 'Aboriginal Focus School' continues to expand

    Malcolm McColl|Updated Nov 23, 2013

    VANCOUVER, BC—Enrollment doubled going into the second year of the Vancouver School Board’s Aboriginal Choice school on East Hastings, “The plan was to start small and grow slowly,” says Vonnie Hutchingson, principal, “although we’ve doubled our enrolment.” The majority of the new enrollment is in kindergarten. The VSB called the school-within-a-school an ‘Aboriginal Focus School’ and established it in 2012 as the school year began at Macdonald School, 1950 E Hastings Street. “It’s a great location, big classrooms and studen...

  • First Nations flooded in Southern Alberta

    Malcolm McColl|Updated Jul 27, 2013

    CALGARY, AB—In Southern Alberta the recent flooding continues to wreak havoc. On June 24, 2013, it was announced that the Alberta Government approved funding of up to $1 billion to start rebuilding community dwellings destroyed by water damage and provide much needed support centers for residents who have been displaced from their homes. Meanwhile a leading scientist issued concerns that the landscape of Southern Alberta may well have been changed indefinitely. Over 1,300 F...

  • Suicide is not a crime but it feels like it should be

    Malcolm McColl|Updated Dec 16, 2012

    I am at my nephew’s funeral, but in all this world there is no real trace of him left. A candle burns amongst a circle of vibrant flowers, but he will not find any warmth from it and the flowers will wither in days. Funerals are for the living to say goodbye to the dead, but as I scan the room I see only the dying, heads bowed as tears fall. You cannot underestimate how many smiles my nephew stole. Like the surviving victims of a crime they will recover and return to some s...

  • Teaching a treasured and ancient craft in birch bark

    Malcolm McColl|Updated Sep 24, 2012

    SPOKANE, WA—The Bark Canoe Store opened in 2000 in Spokane. Originally it began operating by making birch bark canoes and it expanded to provide birch bark for cabinet and furniture and construction. Then it expanded to accessories and things that might go along with birch bark canoes like Hudson Bay axes, packs, materials. Then came delivery of birch bark canoe building classes. “We are known for taking courses to communities, often First Nation communities,” says John Linde...

  • New power makes Douglas First Nation feel connected

    Malcolm McColl|Updated Sep 23, 2012

    VANCOUVER, BC—The Lower St’at’mx First Nations have a world of opportunity at hand as they become part of energy developments that make new opportunities available. Douglas First Nation partnered with Cloudworks Energy to help bring hydro-electric power into Douglas First Nation for the first time in history. This benefits Douglas and other In-SHUCK-ch member-communities of the St’at’mx Nation. There are less than a dozen villages left in the St’at’mx Nation, and four of those are known as In-SHUCK-ch, but the people of these...

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