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Helping Others with Their Losses

COVID–19 and so many other losses seem to touch almost every home right now. One of Indian Life's respected elders, Dr. Joseph Jolly, has written a book entitled, Going and G... — Updated 6/23/2022


What Is Our Relationship to the World?

It is difficult for Christians to follow Christ because we are in a spiritual warfare daily with the devil, who is the ruler of this world. We live in a permissive society today... — Updated 11/22/2021


What Does It Mean to Have a Personal Relationship with God?

Christianity is not a religion but it is a personal relationship with Christ. When a person becomes a Christian, he or she will tell you that he or she has accepted Jesus Christ as... — Updated 10/4/2021


Respect and Love for One Another

One of the things we have accepted today in our world is that we live in a pluralistic society. This is more noticeable in the larger cities where you see a multiple of people every... — Updated 9/2/2021


Relationship Reflections

My wife Sheila and I were a mismatched couple when we first started going out together. She was shy, quiet and hardly spoke, while I was just the opposite. She did not drink or... — Updated 6/7/2021


A Look at A Father and Son Relation

The birth of our son Joseph Seth was truly an extraordinary answer to prayer, and we call him our "miracle baby." He was born 25 years after Sheila and I married, and his birth has... — Updated 3/27/2021


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